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123 Copy DVD Gold Review

123 Copy DVD Gold allows you to download and convert files from your computer or the Internet into DVDs and CDs. Not only can you convert and burn DVDs, you can archive your data onto CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, so no matter what type of files you are archiving, you know that 123 Copy DVD Gold can do the work for you. 123 Copy DVD Gold is the best choice for people who want to customize their DVDs.

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Additional Features

With 123 Copy DVD Gold, you can do much more than burn DVDs. Users can convert YouTube files, merge multiple videos, create audio CDs, and make 1:1 copies of Blu-rays and DVDs. Customer can also can edit, crop, splice, and add effects or music to any video to create one-of-a-kind slideshows that can be shared online. 123 Copy DVD Gold can convert video and sound files to Windows computers, MAC computers, and Android or iPhone devices so you can access your work from anywhere.

Other Helpful Uses

If you have tons of files taking up space on your computer, you can use 123 Copy DVD Gold to archive and preserve those files. Instead of buying a bulky back-up hard drive for your computer, you can incorporate all of your files into one CD with 123 Copy DVD Gold’s data-to-CD feature. Or, if you are interested in capturing, editing, and copying DVDs, 123 Copy DVD Gold has a feature for that as well. And if you simply want to copy one DVD into multiple copies, you can do that as well too.

Support and Help

With the kind of support that 123 Copy DVD gives you, there is no reason to look anywhere else. They offer a wide array of customer support options to ensure that their customers are satisfied. ID-theft protection and purchase guarantees make it easy for clients to purchase 123 Copy DVD Gold. Bling Software, the 123 Copy DVD Gold creators, takes pride in their products and they stand behind what they do, so if you ever have a question or comment, their staff is willing and ready to help.

Final Review of 123 Copy DVD Gold

123 Copy DVD Gold provides a unique service. With 123 Copy DVD Gold, customers can easily create videos, capture videos from the Internet, transfer music files to CDs, and preserve their most cherised memories. If you are looking for a company that supports their customers while staying compatible with the latest technologies and computers, 123 Copy DVD Gold is for you. Thank you for reading our 123 Copy DVD Gold Review.

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2 Reviews

  1. After upgrading the operating system for my PC, I needed some new DVD copying software. The computer expert who upgraded my computer suggested I try 123 Copy. I already had a little experience with 123 Copy because it was installed on my laptop. So, I decided to get a copy for my PC. I was able to install the software to my system without a hitch. I did not even need my friend’s help. I have found it incredibly easy to use. So easy, that I have begun the arduous task of backing up my entire DVD collection. I highly recommend 123 Copy!

  2. If you want to copy a DVD movie, 123 Copy is the simplest way. Just put the movie in and rip it. Once it is done, insert the blank disc. Your finished product is an exact replica of your original movie.

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