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Cloning a DVD: Easier Than Thought

How to Protect Yourself

Ever have the idea to watch a DVD, go to open the case only to find out it’s missing, broken, or badly scratched? This can really put a damper on that fun movie experience, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. There is software that can be used to clone a DVD to your computer so your DVDs are always available as backup. This is a good idea for any DVD and can make movie night that much easier to have instead of spending time trying to get the DVD to work or searching high and low for the disc.

Obtaining the DVD Cloner

The first step is to make sure that you have a computer that has DVD burning capabilities, DVD cloning software, and a recordable DVD. Then it’s on to getting the DVD cloner. The first thing that must be done is install the DVD Cloner. This is the tool that will make it possible to actually clone the DVD and be your source for backing up any DVD. Once this is loaded and installed on the computer, it will open and then it will ask for the DVD that you are wanting to clone.

What the Next Steps Are

Once you have inserted the DVD, select the disc from the menu, and then select DVD-to-DVD copy option. This is usually the default option when in the Express mode and should be the first thing that comes onto the screen. For those who go into Expert mode, there are a few more options available. This can be done and then information will pop up on the screen. Confirm that this is the information for this disc and push the “play” button.

Finalizing the Process

DVD Cloner will read the disk and then ask for a writable DVD. When you put this in, it will ask if you want to format the disk. Always say yes. At this time the DVD Cloner should take the copied content and burn it to this disc. The amount of time that this can take will vary depending on speed of the computer, as well as how long a movie it is but usually takes less than an hour to complete. When finished it will let you know and you can now take the new burned DVD out and put it in your DVD collection.

Other Great Benefits

There are not many steps to take to use this software and it really can make cloning a DVD as simple as making a music CD or DVD. DVD Cloner is designed to be used for virtually any DVD so burn as many or as often as needed. The nice thing about this software is, that it will help keep your DVDs from not being played. Now you can watch the cloned DVD instead of wearing out the original. You paid good money for those movies, and finding one that is damaged or missing is nothing anyone wants to do. Now with a DVD Cloner those worries can be put to rest.