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Common Obstacles On Road To Weight Loss

Climbing The Mountain

The road to losing weight can be a very treacherous and tedious journey. There are many temptations and obstacles that one must overcome when deciding to embark on a new diet or weight loss program. Oftentimes going on a diet or weight-loss program can feel like you are climbing a mountain with a backpack full of rocks on your back. Since so much of our culture and societal functions revolve around food, it can be very difficult to say no to food when it is always on the brain. There are many everyday issues that individuals face upon trying to start a weight-loss journey, let’s explore some of the most common obstacles and temptations.

Hungry On The Brain

Most people think that if they want to go on a diet, they have to either starve themselves or simply not eat. This logic is not a good way to lose weight by any means. Not only is this un-healthy for you, but it actually makes you even more hungry since not eating will simply make you constantly hungry all of the time. Instead of starving oneself the best way to go on a diet is to simply eat less. Three meals a day are still important, just make sure the portions are appropriate and not over-done. Eating three small meals a day is much better than eating one large meal and storing the food.

Dining Out Too Much

So much social interaction revolves around the dinner table. Specifically a nice way to socialize with family and friends is to go out to restaurants or cafes to eat. While dining out can be a fun social outing, it can be very dangerous for someone who is on a diet. Anytime one is at a restaurant, he/she often uses this as an excuse to justify over-eating or indulging in un-healthy fatty foods. To best way to avoid this is to avoid the temptation altogether and refrain from going out to eat. Eating out is generally un-healthy, not to mention it can get pricey.
Loss of Energy

While the main inclination when on a diet is to skip meals, doing this can cause one to be extra tired or lethargic since you are not absorbing the proper nutrients needed to function properly throughout the day. Specifically breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping this meal will result in a lack of energy and motivation as the day progresses.


Every diet generally starts out well. Typically the dieter is excited, eager and ready to go. At the start of the diet is usually when the weight starts to come off the easiest, but as time progresses additional weight does not come off as quickly. It’s easy to get discouraged when you stand on the scale and there seems to be no movement. These types of diet plateaus typically can happen because calorie intake is lowered and as a result the body goes into starvation mode, which slows metabolism down to conserve calories.

Overcome These Obstacles

While there are weight-loss solutions on the market that can help aid one’s diet, ultimately the individual dieter is responsible for taking control of his/her diet. Trying to lose weight is not easy, it takes will power and re-assurance, but as long as you find the right formula that works unique to you, you will be looking your best in no time!


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