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Appetite Suppressant Pills: Do They Work

Control Your Hunger

Everyone is not built the same, which means that people have different appetites. Typically the larger the person, the more food that one consumes but this is not always the case. While some individuals do not have large appetites, others with big appetites are able to suppress their hunger the natural way via will power. However, not everyone is able to say no to food so easily. It can be especially difficult not to eat when your stomach is growling for some food. Luckily there are appetite suppressants, which are weight loss supplements that are specifically formulated to help those control hunger cravings. These supplements prevent overeating and snacking, which eventually reduces one’s calorie intake.

How It Works

Appetite suppressants work by raising the level of serotonin in the brain to help regulate an individual’s appetite to enhance mood so that your brain thinks that you are full. Basically, these suppressants are tricksters and manipulators in the best way possible. Since many over-weight individuals find it hard to resist the urge and temptation of snacking or over-eating, these appetite suppressants are designed to fight the on-going battle.

Prescription Medication

The majority of suppressants that are available on the market are natural-based, which contain planet and/or herbal extracts, but there are also pills in the marketplace that require a prescription to use as well. The ingredient that is most commonly used in prescription supplements is called phentermine. Since this ingredient is very powerful, those who are very obese or overweight are the only individuals who should use it. Those with a body index (BMI) of 30 or greater are the types of individuals who are good candidates for its use. That said, the drug should only be used for short-term use, which is typically only a few weeks or months. And the side effects can be much worse than natural options.

The Natural Way

The marketplace is filled with many natural suppressants as well that help provide an alternative. While even natural suppressants can still be taken in pill form, they are much safer as they are not as addictive and do not come with the harsh side effects that the chemical-based pills can have. The natural ingredients also help increase body temperature so that fat burning is sped up so that calories can be burned off more rapidly.

Choose What Is Best For You

Since losing weight the natural way can be particularly difficult for those who constantly struggle with weight, it is definitely a viable option to select appetite suppressants. While both the natural and prescription supplements are safe and have effectively been used, the decision on whether to take these pills (or which type to take) remains up to the individual. Doctors and weight-loss experts should also be consulted prior to your decision. Once the decision is made though, you will be one of the many new believers who are in “the know” that weight loss is possible with appetite suppressants!