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Oak View Law Group

Oak View Law Group Review

Getting out from underneath a mountain of debt can be a sticky situation. And from a technical standpoint, using a debt settlement service is a legal situation. That’s why Oak View Law Group is such a strong debt settlement company. It treats each debt settlement situation as a legal one, from appointing an attorney to handle each customer’s case to assuring confidentiality throughout the entire process.

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Cost of Oak View Law Group

Most of the fees that Oak View Law Group charges are not collected until after a debt settlement has reached. Overall, a customer can expect to pay around 25 percent of their savings that is secured in the aftermath of a settlement. Along the way, the company does provide tools to enable debt payments to occur smoothly, primarily through the creation of an account where the client deposits an affordable monthly amount that goes toward the paying off of creditors. Additionally, Oak View Law Group provides other services that may be more financially feasible for some clients, such as bankruptcy or debt management.


Each customer that signs up with Oak View Law Group is assigned a lawyer who is skilled with the debt consolidation process. This high level of expertise goes a long way in providing customers with peace of mind, as it translates into the assurance that the best outcome possible is being negotiated. Additionally, the company contains a strong “law firm” mindset when it comes to company-client relations, so customers can rest assured that any information given to the attorney will be done so in the strictest of confidence.

Help & Support

The support offered by Oak View Law Group is designed to help keep you in the loop, all while attempting to shield you from the unpleasantness of the debt settlement process as much as possible. While a customer can get their questions answered via telephone, e-mail, or live chat – including weeknights and parts of the weekend – they can also keep abreast on how their debt settlement case is unfolding by going to the company’s website at any time. Additionally, Oak View Law Group will help alleviate the pressure that comes from those pesky debt collection calls by answering as many of them as on the customers’ behalf as they can.

Final Review of Oak View Law Group

The air of legal professionalism that Oak View Law Group possesses is an impressive trait. They back up this attitude by providing a host of tools and options designed to make the process of getting a client out of debt remarkably clear. Thank you for reading our Oak View Law Group reviews.

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11 Reviews

  1. We have been trying to decide what to do about our debt. Obviously we want to pay it off but that doesn’t seem like a possibility now that we have another kid on the way and my husband is the only one who works because daycare would make it pointless for me to get a job. OakView showed us how we could still work towards paying down debt, even on our budget. I have to say that what seemed impossible is now a reality and it’s because of OakView. They negotiate, you make the payments and it’s a done deal.

  2. I was trying to clean up my credit and debt settlement was my first step in that process. I am still working with OakView and it has been only a positive experience. They are nice people who take their time with you.

  3. I was in a lot of debt and spending money on a debt settlement service seemed like a stretch. However, I called Oak View and let them show me how much it would cost. Things worked out for me because of their great service and reasonable pricing.

  4. There is nothing worse than dealing with creditors on a daily basis. This was my life for more than one year. And then I called Oak View and asked them if they were able to help me out. A debt settlement company is not the right choice for everybody, but for somebody who was in my position it was just about the only way to go. When all was over with, my debt was gone and I was feeling better about my financial situation. It was a long road but one that I conquered with no fear thanks to the team at Oak View.

  5. Oak View assuaged every horror story I had ever heard about debt settlement. They have a lengthy and respected reputation, as well as extensive relationships with many creditors. Don’t go with some fly-by-night company that promises fairytale figures. You get what you pay for; this is a lesson all of us debtors should know by now.

  6. Do your research! Make sure that your debt settlement company is a member of the BBB. Overwhelming debt happens to the best of us, but there are viable and trustworthy companies out there that can rescue you. I have found one and you can too. Keep your head up!

  7. I have to admit that I was scared of how much debt I was facing. Creditors were all over me and my family was beginning to worry. As a last ditch effort I contacted Oak View because I wanted to see if debt settlement was right for me. They were helpful from the start, even though I was not sure that moving forward would be in my best interest. Things worked out for the better and I am paying down my debt without having to deal with annoying creditors.

  8. Experience is a big deal when hiring any financial company, and there is no doubt that Oak View has what it takes to give you the experience you need to feel better about how your debt is going to be resolved.

  9. Don’t ever think that you will have to pay too much for a debt settlement firm, especially when you contact Oak View. They were very helpful and able to give me the assistance I needed along the way.

  10. You may think that your life is over and your debt has you bogged down forever, but once you contact Oak View you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. I did and you should feel like doing the same when you get a chance.

  11. Is debt settlement on your mind? Don’t continue to think that this could be the right solution for you – this is something I did for more than a year. Instead, contact a company like Oak View to see if this is really what you should be doing. This is the only way that you are ever going to see if you could rely on this method of clearing up your debt. You could be surprised to find that this is just what you have been looking for and needing to get your life back.

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