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CuraDebt Review

The world of debt settlement can be a treacherous place to explore. CuraDebt knows this, and goes out of its way to show that its services are on the up and up. Since it launched in 1996, CuraDebt has built a solid reputation on being able to those in dire financial straits by keeping their clients informed on every step of the process. No wonder they have award winning services and customer support.

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Cost of CuraDebt

The rule of thumb here is that the price will be about 15 percent of the savings that comes out of the settlement that CuraDebt negotiates if the company’s attorney-backed debt settlement program is used, and about 40 percent if the performance-based debt settlement program is utilized. You can decide which cost program is best for you; both are at competitive rates.

Highlights of CuraDebt

CuraDebt goes great lengths to establish a reputation of trustworthiness, which is essential in this field. Their affiliation with several watchdog organizations like the American Fair Credit Council and the Association of Settlement Companies goes a long way in proving their legitimacy. The CuraDebt commitment to building trust serves as the backbone of their services, which include both debt consolidation and debt settlement. For instance, CuraDebt pairs its customers with a case negotiator who will provide progress reports and updates on the process as it moves along. Unlike some other services, CuraDebt will give its customers the final say in accepting a debt settlement before approving it on your behalf. Additionally, the company offers a money back guarantee if they cannot reach a debt settlement solution with creditors.

Support & Help

CuraDebt offers its customers a host of ways to obtain support for their debt consolidation needs, including e-mail, telephone support, and live chat. The company has also done quite a bit in the last few years to beef up their array of online tools that are offered to their clientele. The site’s free savings estimate widget and the ability for clients to manage their account online particularly stand out in this regard.

Final Review of CuraDebt

In a field where caution is king and trustworthiness is sometimes difficult to come by, CuraDebt goes great lengths in giving its clientele peace of mind. From its solid affiliations to its penchant for keeping customers abreast in the negotiation process from start to finish, the company manages to take the difficult procedure of debt settlement and make it a bit less painful. Thank you for reading our CuraDebt reviews.

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13 Reviews

  1. You will not find a more supportive team than the people at CuraDebt. Debt settlement can be an intimidating thing to understand. I didn’t want to face it for years, but I want to buy a home eventually and I knew the first step to doing that was to get out of credit card debt. CuraDebt negotiated so I was paying nearly ¼ of the interest as before. That makes a massive difference in how far your money goes towards paying down debt. I am very happy I called and suggest you do the same if you’re struggling with debt.

  2. I have used CuraDebt for debt settlement for going on a year and I couldn’t be happier with their services. Right away the rep was able to explain my options and how it would be fastest to pay down my debt. What CuraDebt is able to do for you, you cannot do for yourself. Stop wasting your time thinking you can get ahead of the game on your own because unless you win the lottery, that won’t happen for the average person with insane amounts of debt. Heck, I could probably win the lottery and still have too much to pay down! CuraDebt is able to negotiate with the creditors, no matter how many you have. I owed money to everyone from rent-to-own furniture companies to every major credit card company you can think of. There’s no way I would have been able to pay down the amount of debt that I have without CuraDebt speaking to creditors and negotiating for lump sum payment and lowering or eliminating interest rates. This is the key to allowing a person in debt to actually pay off what they owe because it’s the interest rates that kill us. CuraDebt knows how to handle each case with discretion and help you with what you need.

  3. Two thumbs up for CuraDebt. These are true professionals in every sense of the word and I am so glad I used them for my debt settlement. They are friendly and understand how to make things palatable for the stressed person in debt.

  4. I was drowning in debt and creditors were calling me wanting to know when their money would arrive. This was a difficult time in my life, but I knew that if I could just get the right help that I could straighten the situation out. This is when I came across Curadebt online. Along with this, one of my friends had already used this company because she was in the same position as me. I gave them a call and tried to explain that I was in a really bad spot. They never looked down on me or told me that they would not be able to help. Instead, the team was helpful from the start and trying to do whatever they could to show me that there was a way out. It was hard to admit that I needed the help of a debt settlement firm, but once I came to grips with the fact that there were benefits I was ready to get on with the process. Now that I have used the services of Curadebt, most of my debt is settled and my financial situation is looking up. It has been a while since I could say that.

  5. The comfort in putting away money into a savings account devoted to paying off debt is so much relief. Constantly fretting over monthly payments was crippling. Now there is a horizon in sight, and it is approaching. It is horrible that the debt has gotten this stormy, but debt settlement has proved to be a silver lining.

  6. Curadebt is a pleasure to work with. This is my second time around needing the assistance of debt settlement. My first experience was effective but had many headaches and sleepless nights along the way. With Curadebt, all my worries are put to rest. They have an extensive reputation and now I can see why. My lump sum savings account plan is growing monthly, and it appears that they will be able to get my credit card debt settled for as little as 40% of what I owe! The informed representatives are able to put me at ease when I have questions, and are always available when I need to talk to them. I hope I don’t have to do this again after this settlement, but if hard times hit again, I know exactly who I’ll call.

  7. I had heard friends and co-workers complain that they were never able to get their debt settlement company on the phone, but I have not experienced this at all with Curadebt. This is the best of a bad situation, but at this point that is all I can ask for.

  8. When I contacted Curadebt the first time to discuss my debt they were helpful, but I still didn’t know if this was the right strategy for me. They took the time to explain the pros and cons of debt settlement, but did not want to push me in one direction or the other. I liked that they were open to my ideas and never added any more pressure to my situation. I decided to give Curadebt a try and now I look back and wonder what took me so long to do so. The way I was treated and the end result was great!

  9. It can be difficult to decide on debt settlement because there are both pros and cons. This is why I let the people at Curadebt guide me. I didn’t know anything about this. I didn’t know what to expect and what not to expect. This is why I had to get the help of somebody else. There was no more time to contact creditors and do everything on my own. I was treading water and losing ground fast. It was a blessing that I was able to find the people at Curadebt and they were able to give me the help I was looking for.

  10. I had moderate success settling some of my debt in the past, however, things got too big for me to handle last year so I decided that a debt settlement company may be my only option. There was some concern from my wife that this was going to cost us a lot of money, but when I heard about what Curadebt offered I decided to give them a call. There was no sales pressure. There were no tricky tactics. They just wanted to help make things better for me, and I could sense the honesty upfront. When I began to ask questions they were willing and ready to give me honest answers, even if I was unhappy with them. It was a struggle to get out of debt, but with the assistance of Curadebt I was able to do so in a fast and efficient fashion. Now, I am debt free and feeling good about what the future holds for me and my family. I cannot say enough good things about the number of people at Curadebt who helped me get through my financial funk.

  11. You can find many debt settlement firms and service providers online, but you have to check out CuraDebt if you really want to choose the best of the best. They will take care of you from the very start.

  12. When you mixed my debt with all my other financial troubles it was easy to see that I had to get some help from somebody. I could no longer go forward on my own, as my past decisions were downright horrible. This is why I contacted CuraDebt to discuss my rights as a consumer. They showed me that debt settlement was a good thing. They showed me what this could do if I put my mind to it and let them take over. In the long run there was nothing I regret, except getting into debt the first time, of course.

  13. Debt settlement companies often times get a bad reputation, but I want to talk about CuraDebt and what they did for me. I was faced with thousands upon thousands in credit card debt, and in the long run I knew that getting help was my only way out. This is why I called CuraDebt to discuss my situation and ask for advice. Once we had things up and running, it was only a few weeks before I began to realize that I was in good position and that the future was shining bright as far as my finances were concerned.

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