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Lavalife Review

Lavalife was founded in 1987 in order to bring urban singles great dating products. Bruce Croxon, Dave Chamandy, Ed Lum, Nick Paine, and Rasool Verjee, started Lavalife from Toronto. They began running a phone-based service, but quickly moved to other products for the Internet and various mobile devices. Lavalife offers a dating service that makes it a fun and effective way to meet tons of local singles in your area.

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Use Dating Sites to Meet People

Online dating is great way to meet people. Singles are able to meet people easily and, because you are online, you don’t have to commit to someone you don’t like. Lavalife allows members to search for local singles who share their tastes and ideals. Instead of struggling to find like-minded individuals who are single, you can use Lavalife to sort through singles. Lavalife also allows members to target specific places and narrow down categories so that you can find the best type of match for you.

Why Lavalife is Unique

Lavalife is a great way for busy singles to connect. Lavalife offers instant chat and instant messaging programs so users can connect immediately. Members can share private videos and photos, so they can see each other before they actually meet. Members can also see who has viewed their profile, so this is a great way to find singles that are interested in you. Lavalife lets users search based on relationships, intimates, or dating, so you can find members based on the specific categories that you’re interested in.

Costs and Pricing

Lavalife offers competitive prices. Depending on how long you want your Lavalife services for, you can bundle your service to get a lower price. For a three-month package, users can pay $15.00 a month, or for a six-month package, users can pay $10.00 a month. But if you aren’t sure how long you want to use Lavalife, you can start month-to-month by subscribing for $20.00 a month. By subscribing, users can send unlimited messages, e-mails, and see who has viewed them.

Customer Support & Help

Lavalife offers great customer service. They give members a frequently asked questions page that breaks down their most popular questions, and they also give an easy-to-fill-out form so that customers can receive answers immediately over the Internet. Lavalife also offers a “help section” that provides answers based on category, so members can quickly find all the answers to their most pressing questions.

Final Review of Lavalife

Lavalife is a fun and effective way to meet singles in your area. Instead of wasting time trying to find the perfect match, you can quickly search through photos and profiles of singles in your area. There is not a more convenient way to find matches. Specific categories like “dating,” “relationships,” or “intimates,” can help you find matches that want the same type of relationship as you. With great support and an easy-to-navigate interface, users can find local matches fast. Thank you for reading our Lavalife review.

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6 Reviews

  1. I have officially discovered the best dating website on the Web! Yes! I spent years going from one worthless site to another. They all promised big results but gave me absolutely nothing but inboxes full of emails from scammers trying to get me to sign up for their web cam shows or buy something from them. This site, LavaLife, actually let me connect with real people. I just wasn’t compatible with some of them. Then there were others best reserved for the friend’s zone. However, there were a few who I met in person and with whom I had a great time. Then of course there’s the last person . . . . someone who has changed my life. I believe this person to be my soul mate, and if it hadn’t been for LavaLife, I would have never even met this person! I’m so glad I never gave up on dating sites. It’s easy to give up, because so many of these sites are just full of it. However, I kept trying and eventually stumbled on this gem, and because of this, I am now happily married and on the verge of having my first kid! I highly commend this site!

  2. I want to give LavaLife a whopping 10 stars and 2 thumbs up. I signed up feeling skeptical, but all the responses in my inbox soon changed my mind. Several dates later and I was in a relationship!

  3. I love to date. I have been dating all my adult life. Unfortunately, dating has become harder these past few years. I’m too busy with my career to go out and meet people the traditional way. Thankfully, I stumbled on LavaLife, a great dating site that has helped me build new connections. It’s really been a Godsend to me, and I am really glad for it. I made a few friends, and I also found a steady partner with whom to spend time. I don’t know if the relationship will lead to marriage, but it sure beats being alone all the time!

  4. LavaLife seemed just like every other dating site, or at least until I made an account and gave it a chance. It took some time, but the site helped me find someone that I like a lot!

  5. Love is so hard to find these days. A lot of people fear dying alone. Well, I wish these people would give Lavalife a try. I went many years all alone, feeling empty inside. Then I finally took the jump and made a profile on Lavalife. It took time, for sure, but I made a few connections that turned into real-life dates and more. Eventually, one of those connections progressed into a full-fledged relationship. We aren’t engaged or anything yet, but at this rate, I’m looking to spend the rest of my life with this person. If you feel the same way about love, then just give a site a chance. You won’t regret it!

  6. Lavalife rocks! The whole site is just brilliant. It’s easy to navigate. The profiles are full of information. You can answer questions about yourself. There are trivia games. And there is even a chatroom. It took a while to figure it all out, but now I can’t stop using it. I like to meet new people and go out on dates, and this site has helped make sure my dating life stays fresh and exciting, despite the fact that I am in my late 40s! Thank you, Lavalife, for revitalizing my life! If you feel bored with life, then you should definitely give this site a chance!

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