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Chemistry.com Review

There is no better way to meet someone than by using an online dating site. Instead of worrying about how your first date will go, you can get to know people even before the first date. Chemistry is an offering from Match, a well-renowned dating site, operating for over 14 years, and including customers from all over the world. Chemistry is designed for people who want to get to know their date before they meet them.

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Use Dating Sites to Find New Singles

By using Chemistry, users can essentially have a date before leaving the house. Then, if both members like each other, they can set up a second, third, or forth date. Online dating is better than other dating methods because members can search through hundreds of eligible singles to find the best match for them. Unlike in real life, with Chemistry, members can target specific groups of people based on location or interests, so they can always find people who share the same goals as them.

Why Chemistry.com Is Different

Chemistry.com offers a test that gets to know you, so you can find the person who most closely resembles the mate you want. Chemistry offers a level of privacy that some other dating sites don’t. With Chemistry, members can only be found through other members, so you don’t have to worry about non-members searching through your profile. Chemistry is a fun and unique way to find dates because you don’t have to worry about the first-date jitters—you can meet your match before ever seeing them in person.

Pricing and Costs

Chemistry subscribers can pay based on specific plans so they can decide how long they want to keep the service for. If members want to sign up for a six-month plan, they would pay $20.99 a month, and if users want to pay for three months at a time, they would pay $26.99 a month. Users can also pay month-to-month, which would be $39.99 a month, so no matter what your long-term goals are, there is a service for you.

Support & Help

Chemistry offers customer support that is different from other sites. In addition to their FAQ page, which lays out some important answers, they also include a dating safety page so members can get special tips on how to stay safe while dating online. Their help page is varied. They offer categorized pages so that users can contact them about specific questions without searching through a pile of unwanted questions.

Final Review of Chemistry

Chemistry is a unique site because, based on the types of questions they ask members and their unique features like personality insights and Chemistry profile tests, you can receive information about singles who share the same goals as you. Chemistry is a trusted site. Because they are a part of Match, which has been running for over fourteen years, they are able to provide a top-quality service. Online dating can be a fun and convenient way for busy singles to meet like-minded singles. Thank you for reading our Chemistry review.

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5 Reviews

  1. Chemistry.com is by far the very best dating site on the Internet, period. I say this after having tried numerous other dating sites over the years. Some were horribly designed. Others contained nothing but scammers. Then there were those that attracted all the wrong people. I almost gave up, until I took the advice of a co-worker and gave Chemistry.com a chance. I have been very impressed with it thus far. The thing I love the most about this website is the way it makes you answer a bunch of questions about yourself and what you are looking for in others. Your answers to these questions and then used to filter all the matches down to those with whom you would really get along. It worked really well for me, because I ended up making some great friends. I also winded up meeting someone with whom I have developed a strong connection and relationship. We have been together for a year so far, and I have a feeling marriage is only a few months away. I’m really glad I tried out this website, because it has been really beneficial to my life. IF you’re sick of bad dating sites, then I recommend you give this one a try right away!

  2. I love Chemistry.com because it uses a very high-quality matching system to help match you with people who fit. The website asks you numerous questions about your beliefs and lifestyle and then tries to match you with people who feel the same way. I tried the system out for a while and ended up eventually developing a connection with a special someone who I then met in real life. If it hadn’t been for this site, my Fridays would be spent miserably lonely at home, doing absolutely nothing but watching TV. Thank you, Chemistry.com! I really recommend this site. Good luck!

  3. Hands down, Chemistry.com is the best dating site on the Internet! I am so glad I found it! All the other dating sites were full of flukes. This site actually had real people — one of whom is now my partner for life!

  4. If you want to find someone special with whom to hang out, spend time or maybe even fall in love, then I highly recommend you try Chemistry. It worked for me and a lot of my friends!

  5. A few years ago, I was desperately searching for love with no luck. My friends and I went out to the club every weekend, but the only types of people we ran into were total losers. Then a co-worker told me about Chemistry and recommended I give it a try. I was really skeptical at first, but boy, am I ever glad that I gave it a shot. I ended up meeting the perfect person. It started out as brief back-and-forth messages and eventually turned into a real date. It’s been three years and we’re now happily married and expecting our very first child!

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