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Tips To Improve Your Chances Online Dating

More Contact, More Dates

Online dating is quickly becoming commonplace in societies across the globe. While the specific act of creating a profile is not that difficult unto itself, getting people to respond to your profile and finding people to go on dates with can sometimes be a challenge. While typically throughout history males have been the ones who are the aggressors, asking women on dates, with online dating there really are no rules when it comes to messaging other prospective dates, as both sexes are able to message one another. The issue comes when you have messaged a large number of people to no avail. If you’ve messaged numerous individuals without a single reply or created a profile a few months ago but have not received many responses, it may be time to revamp your dating profile.

Would You Date You?

Online dating is a little different than organically dating in the “real-world” in that online dating consolidates all of those who are interested in being in a relationship, which means that every profile is essentially, competition. Your photo is the first thing people see. Your photo helps you get the interview (the date), so it is important that the photo is up-to-date and has you looking your best. Experts even recommend spending some money to get a professional photo taken or an even cheaper way is having a friend take multiple photos of you and selecting a few good ones – including a few head and full-body shots.

Perseverance is Key

Once you have updated your photo and have made sure your profile is properly up to date, you are ready to start contacting possible dates. When searching for a job, typically job hunters recommend sending out multiple resumes hoping that one of them will stick. The same logic does not go for online dating. Instead, it is important that you narrow down your focus and take time to locate someone who is truly compatible to you. If you take the time and effort to find someone with similar interests, the odds of receiving a response increase.

Write An Engaging Message

When the time comes to write a message to someone, it is recommend that you do not simply talk about the photo or something physical. A better idea is to focus your attention more on the interests discussed in the profile. Discussing shared interests will help start a conversation and increase your chances of receiving a response. Additionally, it is recommended that you mix up your tactics. If your messages have been mainly factual, make it humorous or vice versa.

The Right Site, The Right Wishes

Since there is an online dating site for every time of person, it is important to make sure that you are on a dating site that fits closest with your wants and desires. Niche sites may be beneficial for some, while others thrive better in an environment where there are thousands of potential matches, which run the gamut. It’s also important to have realistic expectations. For both men and women, you should definitely have goals, wishes and desires in mind but you need to remember that the odds of finding someone who checks off all your boxes is unlikely. When in doubt, giving a prospective date a chance can only increase your chances of finding “the one”!