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Finding Your Match Through Online Dating

Love Is All We Need

Love – we all want it, but sometimes the journey to find it can be a long and windy road to get there. People have been falling in love since the beginning of time, but as the world has continued to progress and evolve so has the way we go about finding love. Left to chance, sometimes finding love can take some time or not work out as planned. It can be difficult to meet people in natural environments such as bars, restaurants, gyms, or supermarkets. While people do still meet in these ways, not everyone is fortunate enough to meet their soul mate while having a drink at a bar or working out at the gym. Within the last decade or so, online dating has arisen as a new solution to help people who are looking for love, find their soul mate.

How It Works

As time has progressed, society has become more accepting of this practice and now online dating is simply considered a method of meeting people. The variety of dating sites is also continuously growing, with many sites centered on specific groups, interests or niches. The types of sites that exist run the gamut, from sites for seniors, sites for fitness-gurus to sites for people with the same ethnicity or religion. Once you’ve selected the type of site that you think you fit into, you first need to create a profile so that you can showcase yourself to a potential mate.

The Profile

Creating a profile to express to the online dating community who you are can seem strange at first, but it is a necessity when engaging in dating online. Certain aspects of the profile are fairly straightforward to create such as your sex, age, where you live, race, and height. The next round of information includes more detailed and personal such as your interests, activities, favorite sports, authors, music or movies and how you spend your free time.

The Survey

Many dating sites also ask for you to answer a series of questions to help shape your profile. These questions get to the root of things like your religious beliefs and political views, occupation, income, and living situation. Of course all of the information that you provide is all up to you. While many online dating sites will probe you for this information, you are not required to provide all of it. For example, while many dating sites ask for your income, this is not something that really needs to be shared in order for one to find someone to date.

The Photo

Selecting which photo to post of yourself is critical. While the written words on your profile is your resume, the photo is typically what gets the interview. In general, one should avoid posting photos that make you look revealing, highly edited or glossy “glam” photos, as such can seem inappropriate. Still, you ultimately want to look your best but you also want to make sure the photo(s) you select are accurate representations of yourself. The ultimate goal is to meet up in person, eventually to go on a date so you want to avoid surprises.

Be Patient

Love and attraction are all subjective and what ultimately will cause one to select your profile will be a number of different things. Usually there isn’t just one reason why someone will decide to give you a shot. All components are crucial to the process and time and attention to detail should be spent on your profile. Still, you should not expect your prince or princess right from the get-go. Dating takes time. Just be yourself in your profile and you will be on your way to some new dates!