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Remo Recover Basic

Remo Recover Basic Review

Remo Recover Basic Edition gives the user a simple way to recover data files that have been deleted from the Windows Recycle bin, formatted hard-drives, or after re-installing Windows. The program features an effective scanning tool that locates and recovers deleted files quickly. Remo Recover Basic also recovers files deleted from the Windows command prompt, and files that were deleted using the Shift + Delete key combination. The software is very powerful.

Remo Recover Basic

Features of Remo Recover Basic Edition

We have all had that moment when we realize we deleted something that we shouldn’t have. Or perhaps your computer shut down unexpectedly, and now your data is missing. Don’t panic, because you have Remo Recover Basic Edition on your computer! A great feature of Remo Recover Basic Edition is that an entire drive, whether it is a hard drive or a USB drive, can be scanned in just a few short minutes to recover deleted files. Once the program is done scanning your computer, your recovered files can be sorted by name, date, size and file type, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for. There is also a powerful search function to help you locate that precious missing file.

What to Do with Your Recovered Data

If you want to make sure that your data stays safe after you recover it, Remo Recover Basic Edition has a feature that lets you save recovered files to a CD or a DVD. This way, your data is safe from the common problems faced by hard drives, such as failure or environmental damage. If you don’t want to save your data to a CD or a DVD, you can compress your recovered data into a ZIP file and decrease the total size of the recovered stash of files.

What does Remo Recover Basic Edition Cost

For the low price of around $39.95, you can immediately download one of the best data recovery programs on the market. This is a small price to pay when you consider how valuable your data is. You will be thankful that you have this trusty tool on your side. Plus, when compared to other programs of its type, you will see that the price of this software is extremely competitive and fair.

Final Review of Remo Recover Basic Edition

We have all had that terrifying feeling of deleting something by accident. Or having our computer crash during a power failure. There are even malicious software applications out there that will delete files without your permission. What should you do? Your first choice should be a data recovery software program like Remo Recover Basic Edition. It is much more cost effective than taking your hard drive into a local data recovery store. Remo Recover Basic Edition is easy to use, has a tremendous amount of features, and at a cost of less than $40 is a tremendous value. Buy Remo Recover Basic today and rest assured that you will have great success recovering your important data files. Thank you for reading our Remo Recover Basic review.

Remo Recover Basic

4 Reviews

  1. Protects the giles on the computer from my 7 year old who always manages to mess up my stuff and delete important things. The program has helped diminish lots of yelling in this household.

  2. I was sick of downloading songs, legally of course, paying for them and then having them disappear when I actually wanted to listen to them. I figured out I could get a program to help me find these lost things rather than having a major anger attack and throwing things at my computer (just kidding of course). Remo has been great so far and has always found everything I lost or really things my computer hid from me.

  3. I tried a cheap version of a registry cleaner but was screwed over majorly. READ THE FINE PRINT. I decided to go with Registry Mechanic because my brother used it and said it worked well I am happy with the product and think paying the $99.95 up front was much better than constantly seeing new charges show up on y credit care that I never authorized. I wish I could say the company’s name I used before to protect others but I will refrain. I would recommend this one though.

  4. Like that it is 100% safe, 100% satisfaction guaranteed and offers free support. Many programs do not have these things.

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