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Data Recovery Pro

Data Recovery Pro Review

Data Recovery Pro is an excellent data recovery software program. Its user interface is simple and not confusing. You can use the software to recover just about any kind of lost data you are looking for. The program is well known for its ability to recover emails and email attachments; something that seems to get lost the most.

Data Recovery Pro

Data Recovery Pro Features

Data Recovery Pro has been created to reclaim files even from freshly formatted or portioned disks. It can easily find and restore deleted emails and even their attachments. Data Recovery Pro recoups a wide variety of files including those that have been encrypted “recycled” or compressed. The program has been designed to work with a number of peripheral storages devices as well including but not limited to external hard drives, USB drives and photo storage items. It makes it convenient for you since you can save your recovered file to a specific location on your computer directly from the results page of your search. Although Data Recovery Pro is a powerful program, it does not take up much space or slow your computer and the searches run quickly.

Data Recovery Pro Minimum and System Requirements

Data Recovery Pro is a Windows based software that has a few minimum requirements in order to run the program. First, your computer must have at least a Intel Pentium III or compatible processor. It will require 256 MB of Ram although at least 512 MB is recommended. The Data Pro Recovery needs 20 MB of hard drive space for the initial installation. For the operating system requirements, the software will demand at least Windows Vista or Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4.

Cost of Data Recovery Pro

You can download Data Recovery Pro today for the low cost of $49.97 which puts it in the more affordable range of data recovery software packages. For most people, Data Recovery Pro will fit the bill and you will get great value out of this software package. You will really appreciate how easy it is to use, plus you will certainly be pleased with your data recovery results.

Final Review of Data Recovery Pro

It is easy to see why Data Recovery Pro is the top registry cleaner product on the market. It is easy to use and can scan many types of files in a single search. It is easy to organize those files once they are recovered, saving them where it is convenient to you and you can remember where they are located! Because Data Recovery Pro does not take up much space on your computer, you will not see a slow down in the processing speed of your PC. The flexibility to be able to work with other devices is also a convenience and safety factory, protecting not only your PC but also your other devices as well from losing important items. Thank you for reading our Data Recovery Pro review.

Data Recovery Pro

10 Reviews

  1. After my daughter came home from college with a virus on her laptop, she thought it best to connect it to the family computer and spread the virus. What are they teaching her up there? Well Remo Recover cleared up both the PC and her laptop, and recovered nearly 100% of the lost files. Phew…

  2. I am a cookbook writer and I produce very large files but they all come from many small files. Remo Recover Pro allows me the peace of mind to know my recipes as safe Most of the recipes I have are only stored on my computer or my external hard drive so I need to know they will be there when I am ready to compile my next vegan masterpiece!

  3. I was desperate to find something that was easy to use but that would make me feel better in case I did something wrong. I am not familiar with computers yet an I always seemed to be deleting something that I then wanted or needed later. My son told me about Remo Recover Pro (well he actually sent me the direct link to the website) and it looked easy enough for even me to understand. It is three easy steps from gone to back again! Thanks so much Remo Recover Pro for giving me more confidence to use my computer. My grandkids are definitely impressed!

  4. I am often known to go on a major cleaning spree when my inbox gets too full. That can be good or bad because sometimes (often) I click delete before I really know what I am doing. I have lost a few important things because of my quick clicking. Now I have Date Recovery Pro to save me when I empty that recycle bin, only to get a follow up “Didn’t get read my first email” email. Now I can quickly search and find the missing item, saving my dignity.

  5. Tried other products and they sucked. This one is good and easy to use

  6. I like that I can retrieve not only emails that I can’t find or mistakenly deleted, but also the attachments, I am a relator and I get so many emails that it is easy to mistakenly discard a few so I am glad I now have a back up system in place.

  7. We had it n our home computer so when I graduated and went to college, I got it for my laptop. My dad said he never wanted to get a call from me crying because I couldn’t find a file or email I thought I had. So far, it hasn’t saved me but its early in my first semester so we will see. It saved me once or twice big time in high school when my research paper file somehow got corrupted.

  8. I would rather be out working and playing with my car, note the name MustangWally, than working on my computer. I bought Registry Reviver to cover my butt, if you know what I mean. It always seemed when I clicked on something it would tell something or me that the file was not there. Well it should be! Now Registry Reviver finds it for me and I can be cruising the open road in my 67 Mustang!

  9. Good product. Will buy for all computers from now on because it saved me when I needed it to.

  10. I was looking for a registry cleaner that was accredited since some seem to be a bit a fly by the seat of your pants. I did some research and kept coming across the name Date Recovery Pro so I though ti would check into it more. I was really impressed by the fact that they had a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and provided great support for their customers when they need it. I am very happy with the product. I have done several tests to see ow deeply the product searches and it has found the file on my computer each and every time. I highly recommend this product to everyone who wants to protect their files.

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