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National Bankcard

National Bankcard Reviews

National Bankcard is an all-encompassing credit card processor that caters to all industries, including retail, restaurant, e-commerce, lodging, mail/phone order and even gasoline. Furthermore, National Bankcard not only accepts credit cards and checks, but it also offers credit card terminals, wireless terminals, receipt printers, mobile CC readers and much more.

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National Bankcard is a Quality Service

The company has a top-of-the-line track record with the Better Business Bureau. National Bankcard accepts multiple gateways, whereas most of its industry competitors just choose one. In addition, the company offers wireless transaction processing for those business professionals who are constantly out on the town performing deliveries, transporting clients or participating in trade fairs. Also, all services come with 24/7 support, which is an absolute must for modern businesses, many of which themselves stay open all day and night long.

Why National Bankcard is Unique

National Bankcard excels at versatility. Take for instance the fact that it offers 30 different credit card terminals from which you may choose. It also provides e-commerce shopping carts and eCheck payment options. The real kicker is that it even provides recurring billing services for those who want to sell some type of subscription service. Plus, the company’s approval rate is 99%, meaning it is practically impossible to be denied an account with them, regardless of how damaged your credit might perhaps be.

Costs and Customer Care

You pay nothing to set up a National Bankcard account, to get IP terminals or cancel service. However, there is a $7.95 monthly statement fee, as well as a variety of transaction fees which differ based on the type of transaction. National Bankcard offers 24/7 customer and technical support via phone, fax and email. Furthermore, the website contains a slew of useful tools like diagrams, charts, instructions and frequently asked questions. The slew of support options is actually more comprehensive than many other companies we have reviewed.

Final Review of National Bankcard

National Bankcard combines versatile merchant solutions with topnotch customer service. The result is one of the best transaction processing entities in the industry. It might not be the most affordable, but it caters to the most industries, and it offers the most benefits. There is literally no other processor in the industry that hands out free IP terminals. This itself places National Bankcard among the best of the best. Thank you for reading our National Bankcard review.

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2 Reviews

  1. We are a computer repair services company in Northern California. We have a shop and also sell parts online, for consumers who can DIY a project, want parts to build a computer or have a local repair shop of their own who will only charge labor if the customer brings in the part. We have repaired computers in house for almost 20 years and have never had a credit card processor that works as well as National Bankcard. We moved to National Bankcard several years ago when we started selling parts because we needed a payment system that accepted e-commerce and POS purchases. It was clear (even at that time) that National Bankcard was used by many e-commerce companies which is why we went with them. The people are great and their customer support is available during regular business hours via phone, email or live chat. Occasionally we’ve had to troubleshoot a few things over live chat and the service is always great. Our customers know they have safe, secure checkout when shopping with us and the fact that we get to use the same credit card processing for our POS purchases makes things easier on us when it’s time to do the books. Whether you’re a storefront or you work exclusively with online sales, I think National Bankcard is a fantastic company to choose from credit card processing. The service is great if you have any issues, but 99% of the time it’s a smooth ride.

  2. I am very pleased with National Bankcard. After using them for six months, I know we’ll be lifers as long as we have our fitness equipment company. For us, security is paramount. A lot of customers come to us for the low prices after hearing about us on messageboards and websites and I wanted a credit card processing company equipped to grow with us over the next few years as we build a pilates and barre class studio downtown. With National Bankcard I will be able to use the same payment system at our studio which is less work for us when there are so many other things to be done.

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