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Merchant Warehouse

Merchant Warehouse Reviews

Merchant Warehouse is a critically acclaimed credit card transaction processing company that does something its competitors don’t do. It integrates all transactions via a platform known as Genius. This is the company’s flagship product, though do realize that the company sells other products as well: standard credit card terminals, mobile apps, wireless terminals, IP terminals, check readers, etc. Regardless, Genius offers software updates and unified reporting, as well as support for QR code payments, EMV and near field communication. The last three ones listed represent new forms of payment that are getting ready to overtake the market in the next few upcoming years.

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Merchant Warehouse is a Quality Service

Merchant Warehouse is well respected because it leases out its own equipment, meaning any terminal or device you get from Merchant Warehouse will come from the company itself. Furthermore, it caters to all business types, including banks, retail outlets, healthcare clinics, hotels, e-commerce stores and even mail-order entities. The last thing to keep in mind is that it works with multiple merchant gateways. This gives it an added level of versatility not commonly found in transaction processors. For example, it can conduct address and CV2 verifications. It can also handle e-checks, accept mobile card swipes, print out GPS reports and submit email receipts.

Why Merchant Warehouse is Special

Merchant Warehouse outperforms all its competitors as per Genius. Its a corporate-grade tool that allows for the use of advanced features like gift cards, loyalty discounts, seasonal coupons and more. More importantly is the fact that every single type of payment and/or service is offered through a single device and interface. It’s a centralized tool that winds up saving businesses boatloads of money, because they don’t have to invest in dozens of gadgets to serve their customers.

What Does it Cost

The base price is $7.95, and it covers the monthly statement fee. However, the services offered through Merchant Warehouse are very broad and complex. As a result, your exact pricing may differ wildly, depending of course on what type of products and services you require. We definitely recommend at least getting a quote on Genius.

Support & Help

Though support is only offered during standard business hours, this support encompasses live chat, email and phone. Furthermore, the company website includes a slew of additional tools. These tools include frequently asked questions, trust badges and more.

Final Review of Merchant Warehouse

Merchant Warehouse is a very high-end merchant solution for growing businesses that are trying to go force their competitors out of the market. Its Genius solution is especially beneficial, as it reduces costs and adds an incredible amount of payment flexibility. Plus, it’s a futuristic system, in that it includes support for existing payment types that haven’t even gone mainstream yet. It’s for this reason that we give this service our full recommendation. Thank you for reading our Merchant Warehouse reviews.

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