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Leaders Merchant Services

Leaders Merchant Services Review

Leaders Merchant Services provides a legion of customized merchant transaction services for individuals and businesses. The company serves those with both good and bad credit. Furthermore, it charges nominal transaction fees instead of monthly or yearly contract fees. Overall, it’s a highly recommended budget-friendly option for entrepreneurs who want to move beyond simple cash payments.

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Leaders Merchant Services is a Quality Service

Leaders Merchant Services hosts some features that made it an exceptionally high-quality service provider. For one, all transactions get processed through the well-renowned and reputable Wells Fargo Bank. In addition, the company charges no setup fee, no cancellation fee and no statement fee. You only pay per transaction. Another notable benefit is the fact that all required equipment can be obtained directly from the company. Many competitors instead direct you to third-party manufacturers to obtain such items like portable terminals, mobile swipers and whatnot.

Whats Sets Leaders Merchant Services Apart

The one thing that differentiates Leaders Merchant Services from all industry competitors is the fact that every customer gets assigned a personal account representative. It takes the notion of customer and technical support to a whole new level. As if that’s not enough, the company also offers a Premium Customer Care (PCC) program for midsize businesses that want access to features like free supplies, priority care and huge discounts on terminals. We highly recommend the latter service, because the savings you get quickly add up over time.

Customer Help and Pricing

Customers are entitled to 24/7 phone- and email-based care. Plus, customers get a personal account representative. The website also includes a selection of frequently asked questions and resource articles. And in case you do order a terminal, you’ll receive free training courtesy of Leaders Merchant Services. The base fee ranges from .35% to 1.79%, depending on the type of transaction. There’s also an additional $0.17 to $0.31 fee per transaction. Everything else is free (equipment excluded), unless of course you decide to take advantage of the aforementioned PCC program.

Final Review of Leaders Merchant Services

In conclusion, Leaders Merchant Services has earned its reputation for reliability and excellence. It offers an extensive quantity of transaction-related services for budget-friendly rates suitable for both startups and established businesses. In addition, the service includes a slew of premium benefits for those customers who choose to sign up with the optional Premium Customer Care program.  Thank you for reading our Leaders Merchant Services review.

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3 Reviews

  1. Free technical support. Enough said. We are a local dance studio who sells dance-related items on our site. Surprisingly, the bulk of our online business is not local or even in our state, but all the way on the East Coast. Many times, dance moms do not have time to go around looking for particular shoes or leotards for their kids, which is why so many turn to online shopping. We realized this and because we are a small business, we can handle their questions and phone calls with ease and add a personal touch that doesn’t involve an automated system. I think moms appreciate that and it’s the reason we have so much repeat business. If I have a question, I can call the free technical support that accompanies my Leaders Merchant account and get my questions answered in record time. I have never dealt with anyone at Leaders Merchant who doesn’t know the answer to my question and their credit card processing is top notch, making it simple for my online customers to grab what they need and check out quickly and securely. I still have a lot to learn about e-commerce but being a Leaders Merchant client comes with so many benefits that teach me how to have an effective online store – there’s no way I’d ever switch companies for accepting payment.

  2. For seven years, my best friend and I have run a very successful fashion and beauty blog. For the majority of that time, our income came from affiliate links which pay us per-click or per purchase. This has been great, but we also wanted to offer our readers unique items we find when we travel or items that aren’t readily available in some areas. For this reason we turned Leaders Merchant for our new web store and couldn’t be happier. The folks at Leaders Merchant are awesome for customer service needs and they also have a live chat feature for troubleshooting, which we’ve used successfully a handful of times.

  3. Yes, Leaders Merchant is far better than that big company that claims to process payments via email. Leaders Merchant is faster, but it’s also more secure for your clients, which is major concern in this age where hacking and identity theft are a problem.

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