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Flagship Merchant Services

Flagship Merchant Services Review

Flagship Merchant Services is a credit card and payment processing service that has been in operation since 2001. It can process a slew of transactions, including standard retail transactions, restaurant transactions, wireless transactions, phone/mail transactions and even high-tech e-commerce transactions. At a low cost, you’re getting bang for your buck with Flagship Merchant.

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Flagship Merchant Services is a Quality Service

Flagship Merchant Services functions through the Authorize.Net payment gateway, but it provides quick processing times, integrated fraud prevention and topnotch PCI DSS compliance. The latter feature ensures that your customers’ payment information remains completely secure and safe from hackers. Furthermore, these e-commerce features can be used for more than just taking orders via a website. They can also be employed to take orders by phone or mail. Also take into consideration that this service includes free shopping cart setup and management for your website.

Why Flagship Merchant Services is Special

Flagship Merchant Services also happens to be compatible with the emerging mobile industry. You need only a lightweight swiper and the iPayment MobilePay G4X app to get started, after which you can do more than just accept payments via your phone. You can also manage your inventory and run reports. The same concept applies to traditional retail and restaurant orders. Using technology provided by the company, you can quickly enter and process all customer orders.

Pricing and Customer Support

Setting up an account with Flagship Merchant Service costs absolutely nothing. There is no set up fee or cancellation fee, let alone any contract obligations. Instead you get charged per transaction at a rate of 0.38% + $0.19 per transaction. The Flagship website contains a slew of frequently asked questions. You also reserve the right to send an email. The last option entails dialing a phone number, but it’s also applicable for sales inquiries.  Overall, it’s a terrific and budget-friendly solution for entrepreneurs who want to go beyond cash and check payments.

Final Review of Flagship Merchant Services

Flagship Merchant Services is a very impressive transaction processing entity that makes it extraordinarily easy for anybody to start accepting credit card payments. It doesn’t matter if you are a taxi driver, a small-business owner or an individual entrepreneur. Plus, the service accepts individuals with bad or no credit. Why? Simply because this service is about making money, not paying off debts.This service provider also offers competitive rates that are on par with others in the industry. Thank you for reading our Flagship Merchant Services review.

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5 Reviews

  1. I started making jewelry after returning from a trip to Bali. I bought many beads and crystals there for fun and once I was home, I figured it would be a good idea to make a few necklaces and bracelets. At an event for my son’s school, a boutique owner approached me about testing a few of my pieces to see how they sell at her shop. They sold out over a weekend and before you know it, I was back in Bali for a buying trip. I wanted to sell my jewelry online directly to the consumer, but I am very new to this business. Prior to this, all I knew how to do was send an email! Flagship has made it very easy for me to set up a shopping cart that user-friendly and reliable for customers. I want to know that there will not be any hiccups when my shoppers check out. Because I am such a small operation, I have zero marketing budget and do all advertising online via social media and rely heavily on word of mouth to spread the word of my brand. A good checkout experience is a must in order for clients to be satisfied and Flagship has made credit card processing a breeze so I can focus on designing and building my company.

  2. I sell custom nail polish online. My server crashed because my previous credit card processing company could not handle the crowds when I release new collections. Flagship has solved any issues I had and I will stick with them for good.

  3. I sell pottery online, which started with an Etsy store. Eventually I created my own blog where I could sell the pots and also discuss planting and gardening tips with people. Many people are not experienced with Etsy or new online shoppers altogether, so directing them to a third party for purchasing my goods was not working. I had to open my own shop and decided on Flagship after reading so many fantastic reviews on their credit card processing system. So far it’s been four months and I have not had any problems. The setup was easy and I love the features Flagship offers, which are helpful for a new e-commerce person like myself.

  4. I love Flagship because it does it all. It allows me to take payments, process credit cards and manage it all. For credit card processing companies, I think you can’t go wrong with Flagship. Their CS is exceptional.

  5. Two thumbs up for Flagship! These people saved our business after we worked with another credit card processing company that was garbage. The other company took ages to process payments and I was not prepared for the number of orders we had in one day. Flagship can handle even a large business so a small store like ours is no problem and never has any problems. We are in the process of expanding what we offer and expect our sales to be up by 17% in the next six months and I have no doubt we’re equipped to handle it with Flagship.

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