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E Commerce Exchange

E Commerce Exchange Reviews

E Commerce Exchange provides retail, wireless and e-commerce transaction processing services for entrepreneurs wanting to accept credit card payments from their clients. If you are approved as a client, in fact, you will be able to accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Diners Club cards. With E Commerce’s speed and low price point, this product is sure to please.

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E Commerce Exchange is a Quality Service

E Commerce Exchange stands out as one of the best in this industry because of the security implementations it uses. For instance, all transactions undergo stringent address verification to ensure that you never wind up the victim of consumer fraud. Likewise, all consumer data collected from your customers is kept 100% secure and encrypted. Its also fast; the backend system handles millions upon millions of transactions every month. Suffice it to say, it’s more then capable of handling as many transactions as you throw at it.

Why E Commerce Exchange Stands Out

E Commerce Exchange especially shines when it comes to retail transactions. It utilizes only the most sophisticated point-of-sale terminals and equipment. Each one is aesthetically pleasing and includes a built-in printer. Some even support the processing of checks. The company also offers a similar selection of wireless terminal systems that rely on cellular technology to provide the portability needed for field workers. Note also that like their wired peers, these wireless systems can also issue receipts, return labels and credit slips.

Customer Help and Price Points

Customer care and technical support is provided during standard business hours. The good news is that you get very personalized care. You don’t get stuck with a poorly trained agent. You only deal with knowledgeable men and women who understand the complexities of the technology offered by E Commerce Exchange. The exact pricing for E Commerce Exchange differs wildly depending on the exact type of service you need. However, there is typically a $10 gateway fee and a $10 statement fee per month.

Final Review of E Commerce Exchange

E Commerce Exchange is no joke. It is a very serious merchant solution for higher-end clients and corporations. It offers all the features of standard processors, but then adds along a bevy of additional ones. Overall, it is sophisticated and well-respected service optimal for medium-size to large organizations that have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Thank you for reading our E Commerce Exchange review.

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One Review

  1. I have a food truck and wanted to start accepting credit cards. For a long time we stuck with a particular neighborhood, but now our food truck buzz is growing and we have been asked to attend bigger events in the city and large festivals with families, etc. Most people do n not carry a lot of cash, so at these festivals we’ve been in a position where people want to buy, but they only have a credit card for payment. I looked into other companies, but many of them had higher fees and not as many features as E Commerce. E Commerce makes it very easy to track payments and cards are processed quickly, which is beneficial for the buyer and the merchant. Most of all I did not want to go with a company I’d have to dump after our business grew further (we are looking into a brick and mortar location soon) and with E Commerce I do not have to worry because they will be able to hang when we increase our volume, even if it happens fast. I give E Commerce two thumbs up and highly recommend them for any company with POS purchases. You will not find a better rate for such awesome service.

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