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CreditCardProcessing.Com Reviews

CreditCardProcessing.com is an online transactions processor designed for individuals and business owners who want to be able to accept credit card payments. It offers quick account set-ups and a slew of high-tech features. As an example, it offers counter-top ‘point of sale’ terminals that make it exceptionally easy to take orders at a restaurant or retail establishment.

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CreditCardProcessing.Com is a Quality Service

CreditCardProcessing.com uses a bevy of stringent fraud features to ensure that you yourself never become a victim. For instance, the tool automatically confirms the billing addresses of all customers in real-time. You also have the option of requiring that the customer submit his or her Card Verification Code for added security. Such features are exceptionally important when dealing with credit card payments, because they pose far more risks of fraud than conventional cash and/or check payments.

Why CreditCardProcessing.Com is Special

This service also supports wireless transactions. It requires installing a free app and purchasing optional mobile-phone swipers. Combined, these two bring the entire Credit Card Processing .com interface (as well as its features) to your fingertips. This is really useful for service or product providers who are constantly on the go, such as taxi drivers. In the past, taxi drivers had to accept cash or contend with dialing up the corporate line to accept a credit card payment. Services like Credit Card Processing .com completely take away this need.

Costs and Customer Care

While setting up an account is free, taking advantage of merchant gateway services does cost $7.95 per month. Also, every transaction is charged a fee anywhere from 0.35% to 1.55%. These rates are fairly standard for the industry. Conventional customer care is restricted to email. However, you can dial up a sales line if you have any presale questions. Another option is to peruse a long list of frequently asked questions.

Final Review of CreditCardProcessing.Com

Credit Card Processing .Com is a simple, useful and effective tool that makes it possible for business owners to jump on the credit card bandwagon without having to deal with hefty fees or setup costs. The whole service has been streamlined for your benefit. It doesn’t matter whether you want to accept payments in a physical retail location, through an e-commerce website or while on the go. Everything gets taken care of for you on the backend. Thank you for reading our CreditCardProcessing.Com reviews.

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4 Reviews

  1. I am very satisfied with Credit Card. The CS that is free as a client of Credit Card is awesome and for all of our credit card processing needs this system works. We opened a second store and Credit Card handled the addition with no hiccups.

  2. I have been around the block in the e-commerce department. My first online business was selling dog clothes in the early 00s during that craze. Since then I have adopted about half a dozen trends, cashing in on products that are hot at the moment. A lot of people think I’m crazy for capitalizing on fleeting fad businesses, but for me it works and we’re always on the hunt for what’s hot and new. I used another credit card processing company before Credit Card and had several issues, from ineffective processing to payments that would not be accepted if the customer was using a certain browser. Trust me, this made for many irked customers and it also made us reassess how we could make our business the most profitable and this starts with being able to accept payment flawlessly. Since moving to Credit Card, we’ve had no complaints on our end – or the customers. Right now I use Credit Card for four different e-commerce sites. One has items as low as $9.99 and another has items priced as high as $2500, and Credit Card is able to handle all of these seamlessly. Stop your searching and research process and sign up with Credit Card. There’s a reason so many large, profitable businesses use them.

  3. I work as a programmer online and I started selling a class. I was written about in a coding blog and experience an influx of customers my old credit card processing company could not handle. Credit Card is the answer and it’s great.

  4. I import home décor and small furniture from exotic locales like Marrakesh and Indonesia and sell them online and to high end home goods stores throughout the Southwest. It has been a great business for me for over 20 years and when I recently revamped my website, I chose Credit Card for credit card processing. I learned of the company online and thought they offered a lot more to customers than what I was getting from my former payment processing company. I wanted something that could handle growth and was secure and that’s just what I get with Credit Card. I know I’ll be a customer for a long time.

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