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Mobile Credit Card Processing

Business Untethered: Mobile Credit Card Processing

Anyone who has had to refuse the use of a credit card from a customer at a trade show or on the road understands the pain at having to lose a sale. Helping a customer who is interested in your product only to see them frustrated and walk away over not being able to use a credit card as a method of payment can be a heartbreaking experience. You don’t ever want to be in that position again. Is there a solution? In this digital age, it’s Mobile credit card procession.

How Mobil Credit Card Processing Works

The process of setting up a mobile credit card process is very simple. First, you download the processor app onto your mobile phone. Plug in the merchant information that you already have, confirm your information, and you’re ready to start processing! There are a few caveats, however. You can skirt manually entering numbers by attaching a card reader directly to your smartphone, allowing you to swipe the credit card like you would in the store. Using Bluetooth as well will also allow you greater ease in transferring data from your phone to your office computer.

Mobile Card Processing Advantages

Using mobile credit card processing to meet your needs means you’re taking your business to the next level. It can be very helpful for you to use a credit card swiper when you’re on the road, at a trade show, or even just walking down the street with your products. You can even use the device in your own store, if your regular cashiers are extra busy or even if the systems in your business go down temporarily.

Other Unique Features

There are extra features with mobile credit card processing that make it even easier. Some of the apps allow for on-screen signatures, making the process more secure for customers. Storing customer information obtained from the credit card, too, allows for businesses to keep track of important demographics of their customers. Businesses can also offer customers the option to print or email their receipts to them on some advanced apps.

Security Concerns

Is the process secure? It’s about as secure as any conventional form of credit card purchasing, and certainly more secure than those old “carbon copy” methods. Virtually every service that provides a mobile credit card processing app utilizes an SSL encryption, which creates a code for customer information that can only be deciphered using a special key. Most mobile credit card processing units also adhere to the industry standards of security, effectively making it as secure as an in-store swiper.

Moving Your Business “Up”

Mobile credit card processing is the next important move for businesses that take their customers’ purchases outside of their stores. For many, this was usually an arduous task, being difficult to accomplish with legitimate customer concerns over security. Today though, mobile credit card processing makes the process easy and secure, ensuring both business and customer feel at ease with making and conducting purchases wherever they may be.