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Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile Reviews

Virgin Mobile has been around and doing the no contract wireless service since 2002. They have been the leader in no contract service since they came out and to date have not relinquished that spot to any competitor. With multiple phones, plans, and services, they have worked to become highly competitive with other cell phone carriers. The company runs off the reliable Sprint towers and can be found in most grocery stores and many other box stores nationwide.

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Background on Cell Phone Providers

Most cell phone carriers and providers offer wireless services and carry phones that will work with their towers and signals. These towers are strategically placed throughout the nation and even world to give the best coverage possible.What’s great about cell phones is that in case of an emergency, when other lines may be down, the cell phone can always be used to call 911 or get someone to help where other means just might not be possible. This could save your life.

Why Virgin Mobile is Unique

This company is unique simply because they don’t have traditional plans or services like most carriers. They only offer no contract plans and then a couple different levels of each. It’s like a simplified way of buying a phone and getting the service only needed without all the fuss. This is their advantage and it has helped them stay afloat in the very competitive market of today’s phones.

What Does it Cost

Virgin Mobile has a couple of different plans that are available to customers and they are pretty straight forward. For those who just want a basic phone, they have plans that start at $20 per month and then go up. For those who want a smart phone and all the fun those bring, the plans start at $35 per month then go up to $55 per month. These plans are very competitive and ideal for those who want a steady plan where they know how much the bill will be each month.

Final Review of Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is one of the best options for those who want to get a cell phone, but haven’t quite figured out which plan and all the extras work for them. Virgin Mobile has been around since 2002 and have been the primary provider of no contract phones and plans. They might not have the latest and the greatest phones, but make up for it with low costs and easy plans to choose from. Thank you for reading our Virgin Mobile review.

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