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Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless Reviews

Verizon has a long standing tradition of excellence through its phones, plans, and customer service. It was founded in 2000 and not long after, they launched the nation’s first 3G network. Pretty soon, other companies followed suit, but Verizon was working on the 4G LTE network. They debuted this and were again the first tier-one wireless provider in the nation to do so. Verizon currently serves 101.2 million customers and operates more than 1,700 retail locations.

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Background on Cell Phone Providers

Verizon uses cell phone towers that they set up strategically across the country to provide signals to phones and tablets. The towers transmit and receive their signals from satellites in orbit that receive the signal from the cellular phone. This signal is then sent to the tower that is closest to the person who is receiving the phone call. From basic phones where only talking is an option to smartphones, they have them all. Having a cell phone can be critical if something were to happen in say an emergency. Having the phone could save a person’s life.

Why Verizon is Unique

Verizon is unique simply for the fact that they have the largest and widest coverage of any cell phone carrier. They were the first to bring out the 3G network and again with the 4G LTE network. They care about their customers and show this by making sure that the customers can receive phone calls virtually anywhere in the United States. Verizon’s customer service ranks as the number 1 of all cell phone carriers and they strive to make sure that the customer is satisfied in every possible way.

What Does it Cost

Verizon has many different options when it comes to phones, tablets, and plan purchasing. They have prepaid phones, basic phones, smart phones, tablets, and other devices all for sale. Basic plans start at $35 a month. With moving up to a smart phone, the plans start at $50 a month, and there are other options that can be added. The different prices will vary with the many options that Verizon has available to its customers. There are even plans designed for families to share and this is a very good option for many people.

Final Review of Verizon

If looking for a cell phone provider that has reliable and dependable is the goal, then Verizon is the answer. Not only have they been around since 2000, they have the strongest network and are one of the best when it comes to reliable service. By using a cell phone, the need for a land phone is diminished and having the cell phone can be lifesaving. Plus starting at only $35 a month, there is no reason not to have a cell phone in today’s world. Thank you for reading our Verizon Wireless reviews.

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