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T-Mobile Reviews

T-Mobile was founded in 2000 and since then has grown into a large and very reliable cellular phone company. They provide wireless voice, messaging and data services, capable of reaching over 293 Americans. They have built the company around the wireless industry and have currently have over 38,000 employees working for them. T-Mobile has many phones to choose from, as well pre-paid phones, which comprises their biggest market, selling more than any competitor.

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Background on Cell Phone Providers

Carriers like T-Mobile provide coverage across the USA because they know that being in contact with others via phone is necessary. The carriers use cell phone towers that are placed throughout the country to transmit signals from phones to phones. These signals are then sent to satellites and then resent down to the nearest tower to that person. It allows the carrier to give customers better service and this is important. By having more coverage, if something were to happen to a customer they will be able to call for help in a case of an emergency.

Why T-Mobile is Unique

What sets T-Mobile apart from the other carriers is their diverse line of pre-pay and no contract phones. No other company has such a line of phones or options when it comes to this type of service. Also, their dedication to customer service is another thing that has really won them over with many customers. They understood back in 2000 that customer service and quality products and plans was important and today it shows. The company services over 293 million people and that number is steadily growing.

What Does it Cost

T-Mobile’s no contract plans and pre-paid plans all start at around $35 a month and go up from there. From basic phones to smart phones, they have services for everyone in mind. If the customer is looking for more than just a basic plan and want to include data, the plans start at $50 per month and can go up depending on the number of additional services and options that are added. T-Mobile also has tablets and even mobile internet and offer plans that will work for these as well.

Final Review of T-Mobile

By going with more options for their pre-paid and no contract phones, T-Mobile has really diversified the market. This has allowed more people to use phones that previously couldn’t have access to them. Not only do they have excellent phones and plans, but their customer service is one reason they are as successful as they are today. T-Mobile is going to be around for a while and look towards more improvements and better phones. Thank you for reading our T-Mobile review.

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