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Sprint Wireless

Sprint Reviews

From basic plans that only allow for phone calls to smart plans and data plans, carriers like Sprint tailor their services to their customers. Sprint has been a leader of cell phone and wireless device sales for many years. In fact, they’ve been in business since 1899 and their reputation speaks for itself. Sprint has over 36,000 employees and over 1,400 retail locations across the country. They provide excellent customer service and have many device and plan options to choose from.

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Background on Cell Phone Providers

When someone places a phone call on a cell phone, the signal is then transmitted to a cell phone tower that the carrier has in the area. That signal is then transmitted to a satellite that is in orbit and re-transmitted back down to the tower that is closest to the person receiving the phone call. One of the biggest benefits of this technology is being able to call anyone from almost anywhere. If there is an emergency, someone can be contacted immediately. Cell phones give us the freedom and the means to call out for help if the event an emergency occurs.

Why Sprint is Unique

Sprint, as mentioned before, has been in business since 1899 so that means for over 100 years they have been able to adapt and change with the market. This has been pivotal in their success and being able to stay near the very top of the list of cell phone carriers. By providing a large assortment of phones, tablets, and other wireless devices, they continue to succeed in a very competitive market. Their customer service and attention to details has allowed them to know where they need to make changes and adapt accordingly.

What Does it Cost

Sprint has many different plans that are available. From basic phone plans that start at $19.99 per month, this allows virtually anyone to get in on having a phone. Their smart phone plans range from $40 per month and go up to the family share plans which means the whole family can be together with only one bill. Simplification of services is another one of their successes. They have tablets and other wireless services that can be added to a bill and this can change the bill in many different ways.

Final Review of Sprint

Sprint has recently been decreasing their tower numbers, but are also adding more high tech towers which will help them increase their overall coverage area. This in time will prove to be successful and keep them competitive in the wireless market. One thing that will never change, is their ability to provide excellent customer service to their customers. With Sprint, there is very little that can be done with other carriers that they can’t do as well and sometimes even better. Thank you for reading our Sprint review.

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