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Metro PCS

Metro PCS Reviews

MetroPCS has been steadily growing since being established in 1994. The company launched their 3G network in 2009 and the LTE network in 2010 and just recently merged with T-Mobile. They have continually been working to bring more phones and better plans than most competitors in the cell phone market. With only three plans to choose from, they have simplified the process of picking which plan works for the customer. MetroPCS has under 5,000 employees, but for their size, they deliver excellent customer service and are always willing to go the extra mile for their customers.

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Background of Cell Phone Providers

The coverage of cell phone carriers has much improved over the years. Now , they strategically place towers across the country and this improves their coverage. When a call goes out, it goes to the nearest tower then transmits to a satellite, then back down to the tower nearest the person the call is going out to. With multiple phones and plans it can be confusing. There are basic phones where they mostly can just talk, then there are smart phones which have data and everything else that the basic phones don’t have.

Why MetroPCS is Unique

With no contracts, this is a nice alternative for people who are looking for a phone without the confusion of contracts. Also, because MetroPCS only has 3 plans, there is really no way to get confused on which plan works best for your needs. They have excellent customer service and have national coverage which is similar to other carriers. Plus, they have a nice selection of smartphones to choose from so that’s a big plus in their favor.

What Does it Cost

MetroPCS has a simplified design behind their plans. With them starting at $40 a month the customer will get basic services plus some data as well. Then it goes up to their second plan which is $50 per month. This plan adds more data and some more options that can be done for usage. The final plan they offer is $60 and it’s pretty much unlimited everything. This is a plan that most carriers do not offer and this is one thing that really helps MetroPCS stand out.

Final Review of Metro PCS

The services that MetroPCS are not as expansive as other carriers, but this isn’t a bad thing when it comes to their customer base. Most people who use their services are looking for a phone service that will give them everything that the other carriers have, but without all the costs and fees that are included. It’s a one price setup and the price always stays the same. They have unique aspect when it comes to plans and with a nice selection of phones, there is usually something that will appeal to anyone looking for a plan. The company’s customer service is one of the best and they always work to please the customer in the best possible way. Thank you for reading our Metro PCS reviews.

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