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Best Cell Phone Providers

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Why You Need Your Cell Phone Provider

  • The Right Cell Phone Service Can Provide You with Convenience, Sanctity, and Security
  • A Wide Variety of Cell Phones, Accessories and Payment Plans For You to Choose From
  • Nationwide Coverage With Cell Phone Towers & Maps to Indicate the Best Signal Areas
  • The Wrong Cell Phone Service Can Leave Without a Signal or Costly Roaming Charges
  • Not Having a Cell Phone in the Event of an Emergency Can Be Extremely Frustrating

ATT Reviews

ATT has been in business since 1984 and split into two different groups. In 2005, they became ATT again under the same name. Since then, it has been nothing but success for the company. With the acquisition of BellSouth in 2006 and the consolidated ownership of Cingular Wireless, AT&T led the cellular and wireless industry with one of the most significant transformations since the phone was invented. ATT now covers more than 225 countries worldwide.
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Verizon Wireless Reviews

Verizon has a long standing tradition of excellence through its phones, plans, and customer service. It was founded in 2000 and not long after, they launched the nation’s first 3G network. Pretty soon, other companies followed suit, but Verizon was working on the 4G LTE network. They debuted this and were again the first tier-one wireless provider in the nation to do so. Verizon currently serves 101.2 million customers and operates more than 1,700 retail locations.
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Sprint Reviews

From basic plans that only allow for phone calls to smart plans and data plans, carriers like Sprint tailor their services to their customers. Sprint has been a leader of cell phone and wireless device sales for many years. In fact, they’ve been in business since 1899 and their reputation speaks for itself. Sprint has over 36,000 employees and over 1,400 retail locations across the country. They provide excellent customer service and have many device and plan options to choose from.
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T-Mobile Reviews

T-Mobile was founded in 2000 and since then has grown into a large and very reliable cellular phone company. They provide wireless voice, messaging and data services, capable of reaching over 293 Americans. They have built the company around the wireless industry and have currently have over 38,000 employees working for them. T-Mobile has many phones to choose from, as well pre-paid phones, which comprises their biggest market, selling more than any competitor.
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Virgin Mobile Reviews

Virgin Mobile has been around and doing the no contract wireless service since 2002. They have been the leader in no contract service since they came out and to date have not relinquished that spot to any competitor. With multiple phones, plans, and services, they have worked to become highly competitive with other cell phone carriers. The company runs off the reliable Sprint towers and can be found in most grocery stores and many other box stores nationwide.
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