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Video Games in Smartphones

Technology is Changing the Gaming World

Recent technological advances have allowed gamers to create incredibly realistic video games. The characters are often life-like, only better. So it’s not surprising that video game developers are incorporating smartphones that offer amazing, over-the-top features. Functions not yet realistic, but definitely cool! So I’ve found five games that have the most amazing smartphones.

Putting the Smart in Smartphone

InFamous Second Son, an action-adventure game, allows players to control a character with superhuman powers. Unfortunately, the characters need the superpowers because they are always trying to avoid death. So of course a regular cell phone is too pedestrian for a super human. During the game, when needed, the smartphone will automatically ring, answer itself and provide valuable advice. In real life, who wouldn’t want their phone to anticipate problems and mistakes? Great advice is always welcome, and for some this is a desperately needed smartphone feature!

A Cash-Finding Smartphone

Sometimes when you’re a little short, it’s always hardest to find some money, so the developers of Far Cry 3 have tried to solve this dilemma. In this reality-based game, the player uses weapons and explosives to help them navigate and explore a fantasy island. Navigating the island is a crucial part of the game, and the gamer has access to a smartphone. In Far Cry 3, your cell phone does more than just make calls, and access maps, it also finds money! The smartphone has a feature that finds where people stash their money and valuables. With this smartphone, you would have options after rifling through the couch.

World Power with Instant Backup

Interested in being the most powerful man in the world? If so, Saints Row is the game for you because you can be the President of the United States. As the commander-in-chief, you will attempt to stop aliens from annihilating the earth. But don’t worry, in Saint’s Row you have all of the assets available to the real President, plus the ability to jump over buildings and kill people with your mind. As the virtual President in Saints Row you will also have a smartphone that can summon friends or support at a moment’s notice.

Bring in the Heavy Artillery

With Grand Theft Auto, the biggest action game in the world, use a smartphone that offers muscle! This fantasy-based game offers loads of realistic action, plus the chance to do things like yoga and jet skiing. Grand Theft Auto players also have a smartphone loaded with cool features only available if you know the cheat codes. For example, one cheat code will make a tank instantly appear. Now in real life, who wouldn’t like the ability to dial a number and have a tank appear? It’s the perfect response for when someone steps on your yoga mat!

The Future of Smartphones

Futuristic television shows and movies have often served as a precursor to future inventions. Twenty years ago, having a working phone in your pocket seemed unimaginable to most people. Going forward, it’s highly unlikely that the smartphones of the future will offer an app for a tank, but we can expect them to make many of our day-to-day tasks easier. But having access to these video games on our smart phones can be a great way to break away from the 9-5 grind and have a little fun.