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Sony Speaker Dock

Sony Speaker Dock RDP-X500IP Review

The Sony Speaker Dock is intended to work with your smartphone. Sony is one of the oldest electronics companies out there, and they produce much more than speaker docks. You can either dock your phone into the speaker system or utilize its built-in Bluetooth technology to enjoy music wirelessly. With more than six decades of experience and expertise under their belt, Sony’s products are sure to please anyone.

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Benefits of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are designed for portability so you can take them wherever you want. With this Sony product, you will get at least eight hours of continuous play, without the hassle of power outlets and wires. Plus, if you want to use a speaker with a non-bluetooth compatible device, then you can connect any number of devices with the auxiliary jack with a single cable. This speaker is also compatible with NFC devices, such as your Samsung Galaxy SIII device.

Sound Quality and Pricing

Sony produces top quality sound on all their home audio products, and their Bluetooth products are no different. You will hear crystal clear sound that could easily be mistaken for live performances. Sony prides itself on the sound quality their entire product line offers, with extra attention focused on their speakers. At $149.00, the The Sony Speaker Dock RDP-X500IP’s cost  is a small price to pay for a top of the line Bluetooth speaker system.

Why Sony Shines

The Sony corporation was founded in 1946, and has established itself as a leading electronics brand. Beyond Bluetooth speakers and docks, they are also behind the Playstation gaming console, the Vaio computer line that includes both desktops and laptops, TVs, DVD/Blu Ray players and more. Their products are synonymous with quality.  Sony is an international company, with branches established in other countries later–the U.K. Sony started in 1968.

Final Review of Sony Speaker Dock

If you are looking for an affordable bluetooth speaker dock with Bluetooth Capabilitiesyou cannot go wrong with this product by Sony. Sony is one of the most recognizable names in electronics. The Sony Speaker Dock RDP-X500IP’s relatively low price for such a great offering makes it a quality choice among other leading Bluetooth speakers on the market. Thank you for reading our Sony Speaker Dock Review.

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8 Reviews

  1. Sony speakers are small, easy to link and give awesome sound. What else do you want? I was looking for Bluetooth speakers I could buy without saving money. I know that sounds bratty, but honestly no one is going to see the speakers — I do not need an expensive brand to show off. I love that are so easy to set up and I am very impressed with how they sound. I was expecting less than stellar sound quality from them because of the price, which I was totally OK with, but these speakers really surprised me and sound fantastic, even when you are outdoors. I grill outside frequently and I like to have music on, but I live in a neighborhood with lots of cars and kids playing outdoors too. Between those elements, my older speakers had to be maxed out in order for me to hear them adequately when I was outside. With the Sony speakers, I get a totally different sound that is stronger than ever and the quality of sound isn’t washed out by traffic and kids. I am happy I gave these speakers a chance. I’d read awesome reviews about them on a blog, so I knew they were quality but like I said, I am still surprised with just how good they sound.

  2. Bravo Sony! Finally someone has made a high quality Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Trust me I have been very tempted for years for the big boy Bluetooth speaker that costs as much as the rent at my first basement apartment, but I could never pull the trigger. Now that I have Sony in my life there’s no need to even want that other speaker. The sound on this Bluetooth speaker is top quality and I have used it for parties of all sizes, plus my friends never have issues hooking up to the device.

  3. If looking for a Bluetooth speaker is what the goal is, look no further than Sony RDP. The styles, choices, pricing, quality are all some of the best. They have great products and their service team is some of the best in the industry and I will not find any speakers better than what Sony RDP has to offer. I have recommended them to about everyone I know and I now one 5 Bluetooth speakers. Am I obsessed? No, I just really like quality good sounding music coming out of good quality speakers and Sony RDP provides that for me. Get you a speaker and you’ll be just as happy as I am.

  4. I love technology, so when I found out about Sony RDP and the Bluetooth speakers, I had to check it out. The quality of them are really good, the sound is amazing. So clear and I don’t need but 2 speakers to cover my whole apartment (it’s big). I recommend these to anyone who is wanting to find a good deal on great speakers.

  5. I never thought I’d find a Bluetooth speaker that I actually liked. I had used many others and when someone told me to check out Sony RDP, I was skeptical. So I bought one and it’s the best speakers I have seen. I now will only use these speakers.

  6. Bluetooth speakers are the new thing and they can be confusing to understand. Sony RDP makes it easy to figure out and they know their products and can help you find the right one for you. I recommend them to anyone who is wanting someone who can help make the right choice.

  7. I never thought I’d see the day when I would actually use a small portable speaker, but I found out the other day that I could definitely benefit from having one. I had a small party and we needed music and well my puny phone wouldn’t cut it. So we really didn’t have music going. I then was told I should look at Bluetooth speakers. So I started looking around and found Sony RDP. I was impressed so I bought a couple thinking I needed 2. I only needed 1 but it was fun to put the other one across the room and have surround sound going. I love them and would recommend them to anyone. The price was right and Sony RDP has the best support staff I’ve seen anywhere.

  8. I went looking around for a Bluetooth speaker and found Sony RDP. I was surprised at the selection and the prices were pretty incredible. I purchased one and when it was delivered I was able to get it setup really easily. The sound is great and the quality of the speaker is really good. I suggest these to my family and friends now.

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