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JawBone JamBox

Jawbone Jambox Reviews

Jawbone is a company that has been in the audio business for more than a decade. It is a privately owned company based in San Francisco, California. They have received many awards and accolades including the 2010 IDSA Design of the Decade. In addition to Bluetooth speakers, they offer fitness tracker bracelets, headsets, and variety of accessories for each. And at only $99.99, Jawbone Jambox is a great value.

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Enjoy the freedom of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers enable you to take your music and audio with you wherever you go. They are perfect for listening to music at home without being tied to your device and headphones, and for parties with large groups of friends. If you are outside and there is not a good place to plug a traditional stereo and speaker setup in for power, the rechargeable battery will give you several hours of playback time. Bluetooth Speakers are a wireless, high quality speaker experience. People 20 years ago only dreamed of this technology.

Importance of Sound Quality

Bluetooth speakers are capable of producing the same high quality sound as traditional speakers. If you experience issues with sound quality, make sure you keep the speaker and device within range, as most devices will have a less than stable connection once they are more than 30 to 40 feet away from the speaker. You will be able to experience crystal clear sound with the Jawbone Jambox, because the company prides itself on quality. The reproduction of bass and treble is excellent.

Why Jawbone Shines

Jawbone is a privately owned company that has held its own against industry giants like Bose and Sony for more than 10 years. They would have fallen out of the audio industry years ago if they didn’t produce a high quality product. The Jawbone Jambox is a very handsome design with a minimal approach to buttons and controls. The speaker grill is stylized, and the finish on the casing of the product is of excellent quality.

Final Review of Jawbone Jambox

Jambox is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a portable Bluetooth speaker to take with them whenever they are on-the-go. The Jambox is a top-notch product that uses NoiseAssassin® technology, the world’s first and only military-grade noise-eliminating technology. This way you won’t hear interference noise from other wireless connections nearby. Thank you for reading our Jawbone Jambox review.

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17 Reviews

  1. I originally purchased Jambox to compare the quality to a high end model of Bluetooth speakers. I love the high end model and I do feel they were worth the money and I don’t regret the purchase, but for the Jambox speakers all I can say is wow! You honestly do not even have to bother looking at pricey models of Bluetooth speakers. Jambox will satisfy everyone beyond believe because the sound is amazing. You get plenty of volume and clarity, even if you are in a noisy area. I am floored with the sound we get from our Jambox speaker. Buy it now.

  2. We love our Jambox speaker. I feel like it brings everyone together when I have music on while I grill. I always have neighbors stroll by and comment on music I’m playing and it just adds a sense of community. The Bluetooth speaker is easy to setup too.

  3. We own a yoga studio that is now doing a few barre classes as well. I do not like to play music during yoga class but for barre I feel it’s more appropriate and people seem to like the extra push they get from music. I know for myself. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on sound system. We were quoted $10,000 for a system that would adequately provide quality sound to the studio which I thought was ridiculous! The Jambox Bluetooth speaker is doing a fantastic job and my clients can all hear the music perfectly fine with no problems.

  4. For the boat, this is the only way we can listen to the music we want. Since buying our boat last year everyone has said they wished there was music and I finally made it happen with the Jambox Bluetooth speaker. We love it.

  5. We were on the hunt for affordable Bluetooth speakers in the spring. I am not a person who has to write a review about every single thing they experience, but I had to make the time to write about our Jambox speakers. These babies seriously bring the sound and I cannot get over how easy it is to connect them. We did not to expect these speakers anywhere near as much as we do. I thought my sons would use them for parties and other things they have at the house with friends and we loved it was portable for them to take out to the pool. Once my son showed me how to work the Jambox speakers, I practically took them over from the kids! I am listening to music constantly and I like to have them out at the pool when my own friends are over for a little sunning and drinking. Honestly, this is the best money we’ve spent on something for the house in ages because everyone is enjoying them so much. I know we will likely buy another set once my oldest son leaves for college after the summer because he is likely taking these with him!

  6. I love my new Bluetooth speaker! I asked around and someone told me to look at Jambox for a really good Bluetooth speaker. I had heard things about Bluetooth speakers so I was hesitant and finally went and checked them out. I’m so very glad that I did. Not only does Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speakers work, they are priced amazingly and the sound is just mind boggling. It’s like a whole box of speakers in one smaller speaker. All I know is that they are awesome and I will tell everyone about Jawbone Jambox speakers. I am so excited that I have a Bluetooth speaker that is just this cool!

  7. Jambox Bluetooth speakers are the real deal. They have great prices, customer service, and technical support. I bought a speaker and it didn’t work right out of the box. I contacted them and they took care of my problem immediately. Thanks Jambox!

  8. If you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker, look no further than Jambox. Not only do they have great speakers, but their customer service team is top notch. They know their products and that was the best feature for me. Buy and you’ll be impressed too!

  9. When I was looking for Bluetooth speakers, I didn’t expect to find such a product so well priced. Jambox had some great deals and the speakers are worth every penny. I now buy these speakers to give to friends and family for birthdays and parties.

  10. I like my music loud and I like to walk all over the house, but didn’t want to have cords running all over for speakers. I had heard about Bluetooth speakers and someone suggested I look at Jawbone Jambox. I did and found the cutest speaker and it works everywhere in my home. I recommend if you don’t like speakers and wires, then visit Jawbone Jambox to get a Bluetooth speaker. You will be glad you did.

  11. Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speakers are amazing. The sound quality is outrageous. They’re perfect for parties which I throw just about every weekend. I bought a big house so I could start entertaining my friends. That’s exactly what I do. I pull out my speakers and we dance. We talk and share new music with one another. It’s an awesome experience. Each and every time, my Jawbone Jambox speakers deliver. They never fail me. I get the best quality sound from them and if that wasn’t great enough, they’re incredibly stylish. They fit my décor and add something special to my living room. A good, quality product is hard to come by these days. Everything is disposable. Not Jawbone Jambox’s products. They’re built using the best materials. They’re durable and put together well. I have not one single complaint. I’ve never had to contact the company directly because I haven’t had one issue with the speakers. They do what they’re supposed to do each and every time I turn them on. That’s great because with the parties I have, they’re getting some use. Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speakers are the best investment a person can make. They’re incredible in every way. You should buy a pair or two yourself!

  12. Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen, but finding a good quality one is rare. Jawbone Jambox only sells the best and ignores the rest. I purchased one, and will never buy another anywhere else. The quality and price are better than any I have found. I would buy again without hesitation.

  13. A friend recently purchased a Bluetooth speaker from Jawbone Jambox and told me that I should look into them as well. So I, being the ever skeptic did and I’m really impressed. I had some questions and the staff not only was polite, but very knowledgeable. They helped me buy the Bluetooth speaker that works best for me. I’ll definitely be back to buy another.

  14. My son told me that I should look at updating the technology in my home as it was well pretty old. So we went and found me a new phone, some new other cool things. Then we looked for a Bluetooth speaker. I didn’t know this was something that we could actually have so this was gonna be fun. We found Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth speakers and both of us were just going ooh and ahh. We both ended up buying a couple and my house sounds so awesome now. My wife keeps telling me to turn it down, but I love it. I tell everyone that if they want cool stuff to get it from Jawbone Jambox.

  15. I don’t usually write reviews, but I felt that Jambox deserved one on their Bluetooth speakers. I bought one the other day and first I have to say Jambox has a very sharp and smart staff. They know their products and are very knowledgeable about Bluetooth speakers in general. Then they were also polite and actually made it easy for me to look and figure out what I needed. The price was better than most I had seen for these speakers, and the quality of the product was really good. I bought one and brought it home and wow talk about big sound, little package. I will never buy a speaker from anywhere else. Kudos Jambox! You made me write a review and it was great!

  16. It only takes one pair of bad Bluetooth speakers to get you to appreciate one really good pair of Bluetooth speakers. That’s why I will never begin to say enough about Jambox. The speakers that I bought from them are everything you could ask for and more. The sound quality is amazing. The speakers themselves look great. You can turn up the volume and hear your music from any room in the house. That’s what I call quality. I will never buy anything but Jambox Bluetooth speakers going forward. It’s not worth it to save a few dollars only to throw equipment away because it’s stopped working. Jambox does whatever it takes to make its customers happy as well. They go the extra mile to make sure that you’re satisfied with their products. That’s something that’s rare these days. How many companies produce quality products and actually take the time to get to know their customers’ needs? Not very many. That’s what makes Jambox stand out in my mind. I told my brother to get a pair for himself and he loves them. We joke around about being Jambox’s biggest fans. The reality of it is that I think we really are.

  17. Jambox Bluetooth speakers are great for the price. They have staff that is knowledgeable and polite. I had questions and reservations about buying a Bluetooth speaker, and they helped me get over my hesitation. I am now the proud owner of a great speaker and if anyone is looking for one, Jambox is my choice for them.

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