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Beats by Dre Pill

Beats by Dre Pill Review

Beats By Dre Pill is a small, pill shaped Bluetooth speaker. It measures at just 7.7 inches long, and 1.8 inches across and weighs a mere 10.9 ounces. It is designed for portability, to work with any Bluetooth compatible device, such as your iPod, iPhone, Android phone, or tablet. If you have a device that is not Bluetooth compatible, it comes with the connecting wire you need to connect any other device with a 3.5mm audio jack.

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Benefits of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers allow you to share music from any number of devices with your friends and family, instead of limiting them to just the headphones only you can hear. Bluetooth speakers are small enough to take with you wherever you go. The lack of wires means you can connect the devices and start listening right away, instead of hassling with tons of setup. Even if you are connecting a non-Bluetooth compatible device, all it takes is the single wire that attaches in the 3.55 mm audio jack in your device, and then into the speaker at the other end.

Sound Quality of Bluetooth

Bluetooth sound quality is all about the speaker you are using, and the connection between the two devices. Beats by Dre is a trusted speaker brand, because they understand sound quality is one of the most important factors when listening to music. There are plenty of lower end devices out there, but the resulting sound is usually choppy and gritty. If you are going to spend your hard earned money on a set of Bluetooth speakers, then sound quality should be important to you.

Benefits and Pricing

Beats by Dre is spearheaded by famous rap artist and music producer, Dr. Dre. Given his work in the music industry, he knows quality sound when he hears it, and his product shows it. Dr. Dre saw an opportunity to bring products to the marketplace that made sound quality a number one priority, as he felt there was a lack of quality in the marketplace. His success illustrates that he was right. All these  benefits will run you a cost of $173.99.

Final Review of Beats by Dre Pill

Beats by Dre Pill is an excellent choice for someone who wants to be able to listen to their music with friends. An added bonus is that if your phone rings while you are listening to music, you can press a button on the speaker to accept the call. You’ll be using it as your phone, because there is a built-in microphone. This is a very handy feature that not all Bluetooth speakers have. In addition to Bluetooth, this speaker allows you to pair near field communication (NFC) devices such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Thank you for reading our Beats by Dre Pill review.

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12 Reviews

  1. My girlfriends and I rented a house for the summer. Of course music is the first thing on the agenda, but I didn’t want to take my own set of speakers because it just seemed like a hassle. Instead I had the Beats by Dre speakers delivered to the house. They arrived the day after we got there, which was record time and the sound on these speakers are on par with my very expensive speakers at home. It is awesome that Beats by Dre is bringing this quality of sound to people at this budget-friendly price. I know for myself, I didn’t know who would be the house, etc. so I didn’t want to spend a ton of money in case the speakers grow legs and walk away. Trust me, it’s happened other summers prior to this! I know with the Beats by Dre someone is going to want them once we live this house, but that’ll actually be OK since the price was super affordable. I know I am looking forward to many more weeks of acting like I’m 22 with the music blaring. Oh and they work on the beach beautifully! No problems with connection whatsoever. I think they would be great speakers for anyone with a patio or pool too because the sound is crisp and you can crank it up without ruining the sound quality.

  2. We were going camping and of course, everyone wanted music for the trip. I wasn’t sure how we were going to pull this off so I hopped online and started researching Bluetooth speakers. I came across Beats by Dre and liked the price and what people were saying about the quality of the speakers. I decided to take a gamble and buy one and it worked out perfectly for our trip to Big Bend. I had great reception (most providers have great connections out here, believe it or not) and we were able to connect to Beats by Dre right away. The rest of the weekend was a blur of swimming, BBQ and awesome music!

  3. We bought this Bluetooth speaker to use at the lake. It is a great size and doesn’t feel flimsy at all. I felt some higher-priced models that felt too light for my taste but the Beats by Dre speaker is durable for enduring the wear and tear of the kids.

  4. Every summer we go to the beach on Fourth of July weekend. Yes, it’s packed, but as long as we leave early we beat the traffic and claim our spot on the sand. This year we had our music louder than ever, which is just the way our family likes it. I cannot believe we’ve been on a beach trip without a Beats by Dre speaker and you can bet it’s the first thing in the car for every holiday weekend from now on. These are Bluetooth speakers that work nearly everywhere and are flawless connecting to your device. Everyone could connect their phone too!

  5. I have been wanting a Bluetooth speaker for a while and just seems that there are many to choose from. So I asked friends and family and a number of them told me about Dre Pill. So I decided that I would look at Dre Pill Bluetooth speakers and I’m very glad I did. They are well built, and the sound is amazing coming from them. They have really good sound that comes from them and I’m just really happy with my purchase. I have bought 2 more since then and they all are just great. I now recommend them to all my friends as well.

  6. I received a Dre Pill Bluetooth speaker for my birthday and it arrived to me broken. I explained my predicament to the company and they immediately sprang into action. They took my information from me and sent me a shipping label to mail back the item. They then replaced it for me and even wished me a Happy Birthday. That’s what I call the best customer service a person can receive. Dre Pill is friendly, affordable, and willing to serve their customers. They’ll go the extra mile to make sure that your satisfied with your Bluetooth speaker. They answer your questions and provide you with the support that you need to feel comfortable using your new product. I tell all of my friends about them. In fact, I’m on my Facebook account all the time talking about my experience. People are quick to talk about the bad service they’ve received but seldom say anything about the good service. Dre Pill deserves recognition for being a pillar in the industry. They make great products. They hire great people. They know what it takes to make people happy. I can’t stop praising them. They’re the best! I will never buy Bluetooth speakers from anyone else.

  7. If quality and sound are what you are looking for, look no further than Dre Pill. They have the best sound and the made products out there today. I have a couple speakers and it fills my entire apartment with better sound than any high end speaker.

  8. Dre Pill helped me choose the best Bluetooth speaker for what I was needing. All of them are well made, and they have staff that will help you. Very knowledgeable and friendly, they can guide you to the perfect speaker every time.

  9. I can’t get enough of music. That’s why when I heard about Bluetooth speakers, I wanted to buy the best pair I could possibly find. After all, I listen to music every day. I wanted very badly to get the top-of-the-line speakers for the money I was planning on spending. That’s when I heard about Dre Pill. I couldn’t believe my ears! The quality was incredible! It was absolutely amazing! The next party I plan will include my Bluetooth speakers. I’ll create some playlists and let everyone dance and enjoy themselves. That’s what I call a good time! I love how well-built the Dre Pill speakers are and the support I receive when I contact the company directly with questions and concerns. I hate wasting money and I didn’t with Dre Pill. They have the best Bluetooth speakers and prices around. I don’t have to worry about replacing them right away. I know they’ll last awhile and that makes me very happy. Who wants to throw away things all the time? I don’t and now I don’t have to because Dre Pill makes products that are built-to-last. It’s a name I can stand by. I even bought a pair of speakers for my brother because they really are that good!

  10. My buddy told me that I should really get with the latest technology so I said fine and went and looked for a Bluetooth speaker, and I found Dre Pill. I thought the prices were good and I didn’t know anything about their stuff so I asked my buddy. He buys from Dre Pill all the time and that was enough for me. I bought 2 speakers and man was I impressed. They have sound like a big speaker system, are portable, and best part is no wires. I absolutely hate wires running everywhere. Now I can hide them and still enjoy the music. My friends are impressed that I finally got updated and I tell them I got these Bluetooth speakers from Dre Pill.

  11. I bought a Bluetooth speaker at a big box store and it was junk. A friend told me about Beats by dre pill and how they bought one and it was great. So I figured it had to better than what I had previously so I bought one. Best speaker EVER!! I was so happy that it works and I ended up buying one for my brother for his birthday. Don’t waste your money elsewhere. Beats by dre pill has the best ones PERIOD!

  12. I like to say with the curve of technology so when Bluetooth speakers came out I was eager and bought one. I wasn’t impressed but decided that I would wait and then try it again. I stumbled across Beats by dre pill Bluetooth speakers and thought they look good so I bought one. Wow talk about a big change waiting made. The quality of how they are made is much improved over others I’ve seen, the sound is way better than most and the price, I was really happy on that part. I have used this now for a couple months and I am glad I made a purchase and found Beats by dre pill.

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