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Cut The Cord With Bluetooth Speaker Adapters

Too Much To Charge

With more and more people owning a wider array of devices, it can be a headache sometimes to keep all the charging cords straight. Specifically with the recent upgraded iPhone 5 charging cord, it can be especially frustrating since these charging cords only work on the iPhone 5 which means that now you will need a different charger for your iPod or iPad. Not to mention, you’ll have to have double the cords lying around your house and when it comes to your stereo system, you’ll need to purchase a new stereo and iPhone doc to continue to listen to your music.

Get Rid of Wires

Fortunately there is a solution specifically tailored to resolve the issue of cluttered speaker wires. There are devices that plug directly into the auxiliary input of a stereo system which can connect to one’s phone, iPod or tablet with a Bluetooth connection. This means that any device with a Bluetooth connection can easily become a Bluetooth speaker system. Through these devices, the sound quality that is omitted is just as good as if one had plugged an iPhone directly into the speaker.

Freedom Of Movement

With Bluetooth adapters one also has freedom of movement. The portability of these adapters makes it so that one is able to seamlessly move around the office or house while listening to music. Additionally, one will not need to focus on a Bluetooth speaker that is specific to a particular phone or media player type. The adapters make it so that you only have to have one speaker and as such, fewer cords, which mean that there is less clutter and confusion.

Use Bluetooth To Connect

Connecting to your audio-playing device usually requires a whole mess of wires that can be confusing, unsightly and even dangerous. But when it comes to an easily and reasonably priced way to connect your iPod to your stereo, Bluetooth adapter technology helps one connect to a speaker without the mess of cords. These adapters help provide the freedom of connectivity, while still providing high-quality sound!