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Robin Williams Dead from Suicide

We learned today of the sad news that Oscar Winning Comedian Robin Williams was found dead in his Northern California Home.  He was 63 years old. The cause of death appears to be suicide, caused by asphyxiation, as determined by the Coroner of Marin County California.  His media representative stated that he was battling severe depression lately.  His family asks for Privacy in this time of grief.

Asphyxiation is a condition when the body becomes severely deficient of oxygen.  A common cause of death by asphyxiation is when there is too much carbon monoxide inside of a house which decreases the oxygen supply.  Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer and can be responsible for the death of entire families.  It is imperative that houses have carbon monoxide detectors, which are commonly integrated in home security systems.  Suicide by asphyxiation  was Robin’s choice, but death by asphyxiation in the home can be avoided with the installation of a home security system.  Read more about home security systems that feature Carbon Monoxide Detectors or read more about Robin Williams Death.

Update on Robin Williams Dead from Suicide: The county coroner has confirmed that Robin Williams death was in fact a suicide. Williams hung himself with a belt. There was some outrage over the amount of detail disclosed about the details of his death; however it is all public record and it is the responsibility of the Coroner to make all details available. The world is saddened by the loss.