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Robert Redford Sues New York Over Taxes

Robert RedfordThe actor Robert Redford is suing the state of New York related to the sale of his Sundance Channel on TV. Redford is a famous actor and director.  He sued the New York State Dept. of taxation and finance on July 30, 2014. Because he said he is being over taxed on profits earned when the sundance channel sold in 2oo5.  Robert Redford is being taxed $1.6 Million dollars by New York State but Redford argues he paid the taxes in Utah and owes New York Nothing.

Perhaps Redford was not familiar with Tax law.  Tax rules and regulations can be very complicated, not just for rich people but for everyday people to.  We recommend the Best Tax Software to help you manage your taxes and avoid Redford problems.

Read more about Robert Redford’s trouble at the HollyWoodReporter.com.

The Actor is said to owe $727,404 in Interest plus the $845,066 for the sale of the Sundance Channel. The actor Robert Redford is making the claim that his tax assessment is “inconsistent with Article 16, section 3 of the New York Constitution.” – According to Washington Times.

I guess this is a good lesson for all of us to make sure that our taxes are well documented and filed appropriately. An actor might have the money to argue the state. But most American’s who live paycheck to paycheck would have a much more difficult time making this case. No matter what the amount pay be.


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