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Earthquake in California 6.0 Napa Valley

California Earthquake Napa ValleyMassive earthquake shakes Napa valley California early this morning at around 3:30am.  This earthquake has caused massive destruction to buildings all around the area.  There have been more than two dozen after shocks since the major one occurred.  One after shock reaching a 3.6 magnitude on the richter scale.

No reports of deaths but over 77 people have been slightly injured so far.  But the most serious damage that was caused was a fire in a mobile home park.  Since a major water main was broke during the earthquake it has made it very difficult for the fire department to put the fire out.  But major damage to many homes and stores have been devastated by the quake.  News  has shown wireless home security system live feeds of how bad the earthquake affected peoples homes. Some of the worst damage I have seen in a very long time to this small town.  Shop owners have found their stores with everything fallen off then shelves. Wine bottles broken and shattered from falling.  The power has been out for thousands of people because of this.  Information is still coming in.

Experts are saying based on ABCs news broadcast that there is a good possibility that there could be another quake that could be 5.0 or greater in the next few days to come.