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Progressive Reviews

Progressive was founded in 1937 and ever since has been out there providing customers with the best possible rates and insurance possible. They have continued to make strides to provide nothing but the best, and they have been successful at doing so for over 80 years. Currently, Progressive has over 27,000 employees and cover all of the states. They have added more features and cover more items than any other insurance company that is on the market today.

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Auto Insurance is Important

Insurance will generally pay for most of the vehicle damages while the person insured only pays a small deductible. But without this insurance the bills can range quickly into the thousands. This can leave the customer financially unstable. Also, besides vehicle repairs,bodily injuries and medical bills can cost a lot too. Vehicle insurance helps cover that as well as it is built into most policies. Without these the staggering amount that these can be, can cause some to have to file for bankruptcy or be in financial distress.

Why Progressive is Unique

Progressive has come out with a product called the Snapshot. This little device allows those who are insured with them to see how they drive and will also give the driver discounts on their insurance for good driving habits. This is one way they can not only help customers be safer on the road, but gives rewards for doing so. They also have excellent customer service and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for anyone who is looking for anything related to car insurance.

What Does it Cost

Insurance can vary in cost due to each state having different minimum requirements for what they feel is necessary. This, paired with a customer’s option choices, will dictate what the cost of insurance will be. When getting insurance the companies will look at past driving records, tickets, accidents, and age of the driver wanting to be insured before giving a price. The price is usually broken down into 6 month payment and policies to make it easier for people to have access to insurance.

Final Review of Progressive

Progressive has been doing business since 1937 and their focus on providing the best insurance possible to customers has helped them be as successful as they are today. Their dedication to providing excellent customer service, multiple options for insurance shows their dedication to giving the customer what they want. The addition of Snapshot has really helped them stand out from other insurance companies and it shows. Thank you for reading our Progressive reviews.

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