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Geico Review

When driving a vehicle, it is required that vehicle insurance is kept on any moving vehicle.  Geico has been in business since 1936 and has never looked back. It has grown each and every year and been at the forefront of vehicle insurance for decades. In 2000, the Gecko made its debut and is very well known today as the spokesman for the company. In 2009, Geico opened business in Massachusetts and then provided coverage and services to all 50 states.

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Auto Insurance is Important

If an auto accident occurs, insurance can help pay for the damages done with a small deductible required by the insured. If a drive doesn’t have insurance, the cost to repair a vehicle can run into the thousands and for many this could mean financial ruin, or not having a vehicle to drive anymore. Auto insurance not only covers the vehicle, but most plans include the option for medical coverage in case any medical problems occur. Medical complications can be very costly as well if not covered and can also mean major financial burdens on people.

Why Geico is Unique

Geico has been at the forefront of auto insurance and they have continued to change and adapt to the needs and wants of people looking at insurance. They provide excellent customer service and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also insure not just vehicles, but many other types of motorized things such as recreational vehicles, ATV’s, boats, and motorcycles. This makes them one of the premier insurance companies to go to for all your motor insurance needs.

What Does it Cost

Geico insurance costs are dictated upon the requirements of each state they do business in. Some states have more requirements than others so the cost will vary from state to state. They offer liability insurance and full coverage insurance as well. If a person wants to get liability insurance, the premium and overall amount that is required will be significantly less than if full coverage is chosen. Also good driving discounts and age discounts can play heavily in the insurance price as well.

Final Review of Geico

Geico has a tendency to be very competitive with rates, and when compared side by side, they can be lower than others if all the same coverages are chosen. Their excellent customer service is one thing that helps them stand above the rest, and having been in the insurance business since 1936, shows they not only have the knack to change and stay with the way things move, but have the tenacity to keep pace with ever changing laws and technology. Thank you for reading our Geico reviews.

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