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Allstate Reviews

Allstate was founded in 1931 and was one of the first car insurance companies to be started in the United States. The company quickly evolved from just providing car insurance and started to offer other insurance as well, such as life insurance, renter’s insurance, and home owner’s insurance. However the primary focus has always been car insurance. They now have over 70,000 agents and continue to strive to offer the best insurance and customer service.

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Auto Insurance is Important

Vehicle repairs can cost thousands and for many, they don’t have the means to get these repairs done. Sometimes this can lead to financial duress and even being unable to drive the car at all. But it’s not just the vehicle repairs that can be costly. Allstate also has medical coverage that can be purchased to be included in the vehicle insurance and this can cover any medical expenses that might come from an accident. Just like vehicle repairs, medical costs can run into the thousands and can be a financial nightmare for those without proper insurance.

Why Allstate is Unique

Since they opened for business back in 1931, they have strived to provide not only the best, but the most complete coverage to each and every customer. They have come up with the good driver discount which will decrease the overall insurance amount that is paid in, as people don’t have accidents for a period of time. This is unique because it rewards people for good driving. This has helped them to gain more customers. They also have branched out to include other motor vehicles such as motorcycles, boats, ATVs, RVs and include even renter and home insurance.

What Does it Cost

To get a price for insurance, each state as a minimum allowance for insurance that must be put on any vehicle that moves. These minimums will dictate what the minimum price for insurance will be and by having many different options for additional coverage, the price can change drastically. They offer liability insurance as well as full coverage. The choices that are available will make it very easy to see what the price will be and can be purchased over a monthly payment plan.

Final Review of Allstate

If someone drives a vehicle, it is required by all states that they have the proper insurance for that vehicle. Allstate has a record of providing not only excellent insurance, but also excellent customer support and service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By doing this, they allow customers to contact them at any time for any reason. By giving the best pricing, they can and the good driver discount, they continue to be a leader in the car insurance industry. Thank you for reading our Allstate reviews.

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