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Trend Micro Antivirus Review

Trend Micro has over 25 years experience in the business and that is a very long standing. Their anti virus and computer security solutions are powered by the cloud based, Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure, which is assisted by over 1,200 digital threat experts around the globe.

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How Does Trend Micro Antivirus Work?

Trend Micro Antivirus features antivirus and spyware protection, bundled with an easy to use interface and excellent customer service. The software will warn you before you have a chance to click on dangerous links in email, instant messenger and web searches. It also boasts the fastest protection against newly developed web threats and the best phishing detection times in its class. What really makes Trend Micro stand out is its Cloud Based protection – You know that Trend Micro is staying ahead of the curve by implementing such technologically advanced features.

Cost of Trend Micro Antivirus

You can buy Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security for the low price of around $39.95. This makes it an extremely great value, considering all of the advanced features available in the software. The product also leads the competition in guarding against identity theft due to its excellent phishing protection. Imagine the cost and headache of dealing with your identity being stolen! You are much better off getting a good antivirus program.

Help & Support

Trend Micro is best known for their customer service and customer support. You will find a wealth of information in their online help section. Plus you can reach out to other users and experts with the forum hosted on Trend Micro’s website. No matter what, you will find that you can get the help you need quickly from either existing literature or another person familiar with the software and your problems.

Final Review of Trend Micro Antivirus

As a Company, Trend Micro has a long standing reputation for excellence. This is why they have 25 years experience in the antivirus software business. They are constantly investing in their infrastructure as evidenced by their cloud based solution. Their antivirus software will help you protect your computer without breaking the bank. And no matter what happens, you will have access to excellent customer support and service. So buy Trend Micro Antivirus with confidence. Thank you for reading our Trend Micro Antivirus Review.

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7 Reviews

  1. A previous antivirus I was using was trying to change my search engine. Talk about annoying! MicroTrend lets me keep things as I want them but offers the protection from viruses. MicroTrend is the best antivirus I’ve used so far.

  2. I have used a traditional antivirus that most people are familiar with for years. It worked well but sometimes it gives me these weird updates telling me to do things with other programs on my computer that are currently working totally fine. I don’t really know why this is, but it’s a pain to deal with which is why I started the hunt for a new antivirus. I went with MicroTrend and I am glad I did. It is working great and no strange updates or anything telling me to mess with other parts of my computer.

  3. I have used a lot of the free antivirus programs out there. Most of them have some sort of catch and I guess if you’re willing to deal with those issues, that’s your choice. For me, I am not one to deal with reminders to update or updates for other programs. A lot of the other antivirus programs do this and it is so annoying because who cares if I don’t want to update Flash? That’s my problem, just protect me! MicroTrend does that without all of the annoying updates and it updates on its own, which is a major win for me.

  4. Im the computer guy in my group of friends. Whenever someone asks me what antivirus to buy I always say Trend Micro. It’s user friendly and provides the best, most up to date information without making your computer or device slow. Just do it.

  5. I don’t even really understand what the internet security protection really does but my dad said I had to have it on my new laptop. It was so easy and it is still easy. I don’t have to do anything. All my friends got infected by some virus from another friend’s email (I think she was hacked) but my Trend Micro program warned me and blocked the link. Thanks Trend Micro and I think everyone should get it.

  6. My mom needed an antivirus program. It became evident when she clicked on a link in an email that said it was from a friend of hers (who had her email hacked) about growing the largest tomato plants. I thought she would know it was suspicious but she just though it was something new Betty Ann was doing. Ug. I spent hours trying to clean up the mess afterwards. Well the first thing I did was buy her a year of Norton 360. I am so glad I can easily get the program online now. Well her computer is running perfectly and will stay that way thanks to Norton.

  7. I hate dealing with stuff like this. I just want it to be a one step, do it and forget it kind of thing. Trend Micro was just that. I am very happy that I went with them and think u would like it to.

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