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Norton AntiVirus Review

Norton is a well-known name in the realm of anti-virus products. The parent company, Symantec, was founded in 1982, long before personal computers were commonly available to the public. Now, their Multi-Device Product can protect PC’s, Mac’s, Android devices and iPhones and iPads. They have worked hard to create the most comprehensive and complete product for their consumers after years of input.

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Features of Norton AntiVirus

First and foremost, Norton provides essential virus protection from viruses, malware, spyware and other threats. In an effort to reduce the chance of a threat infecting your computer while surfing the web, Norton has a patented Safe Web and Safe Search feature; proactively protecting you by warning you, and even blocking you, from unsafe content online.

Additional Benefits of Norton AntiVirus

Another popular threat to your digital identity is phishing emails, emails that appear to be sent from a reputable sender asking for password or personal information verification. These emails are in fact very dangerous, sent by people trying to access your information and use it to their advantage. Norton’s smart firewall prevents cybercriminals from accessing your information by hacking into your network and stealing your information. Your daily updates from Norton will also include a confidential file guard, protecting your information with a password so it is safe. Also, Norton includes protection for your Facebook account, scanning your news fees for any threatening content.

Cost of Norton AntiVirus

You can download Norton Antivirus for around $49.99. Which means that Norton is affordable and worth every penny you are spending for this world class protection. And with all of the extra benefits that are included, you know you are getting a great value. Consider your antivirus software subscription like an insurance policy for all of your valuable data and online identity. You do not want it stolen!

Final Review of Norton AntiVirus

Norton is a well-known and respected name in the anti virus world. It has been around for many years and has worked hard to create products that include the features you desire. With comprehensive scans every 5-15 seconds, Norton’s anti-virus products will protect your devices from unwanted viruses spyware and threats, allowing you to enjoy your experience while using the internet. Thank you for reading our Norton Antivirus Reviews.

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7 Reviews

  1. Do yourself a favor and buy Norton right now. If you are struggling with choosing another free antivirus or going with Norton, choose Norton! I promise it will save you hours of headaches and dealing with people at Staples or wherever as they attempt to fix your computer. It isn’t worth it! Norton has stopped me from gathering so much adware on a daily basis and it updates automatically which means you’re pretty much covered no matter what. That is music to my ears because I want my computer protected but I don’t want to devote my life to it.

  2. Norton doesn’t have the annoying updates like other antivirus programs I’ve used. I installed it almost six weeks ago and I do not have to worry about it because it automatically updates and doesn’t drag the computer.

  3. I was the victim of identity theft three years ago and I am still dealing with the consequences. I do not know how my information was compromised but I am pretty sure it was because I was constantly online via public hotspots. This is just one of the many ways hackers get ahold of your information in one swipe. It isn’t fun to deal with I promise, so now that I am working in public more often I wanted the best antivirus I could find. Norton was recommended to me buy a friend who works in IT for a major retailers. Norton has been awesome so far and I have no complaints. It doesn’t make my computer run slow after installation either which matters a lot for me because I work in graphics and need all of the space on my computer that’s available. Norton was affordable and I think it’s a good route for anyone who wants to protect their computer from viruses and hackers. There are literally millions of new viruses available every day but with Norton I don’t really worry about my information being stolen. I think Norton has let me work in public more and that’s a good thing.

  4. As an IT specialist, I only use Norton 360 on my personal devices and for all my clients. It has been around for a long time and they definitely keep their virus and malware list up-to-date to protect their users. If I need the support for some reason or another, they are available 34/7 which is very convenient because I am a night owl. Most importantly they know what they are doing and almost seem to have ESP when it comes to upcoming threats. Never anything but Nortons.

  5. Easy and its interesting to see a list of all the items Norton finds (which is a lot of things).

  6. Tried another knock-off company and still got infected by a virus so I went and got Norton’s. No problems since so im a believer.

  7. Norton is and will always be the leader in antivirus. I trust their products and will never change. No virus infection in over five years (knock on wood).

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