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AVG Antivirus 2014 Professional Review

AVG Antivirus has its roots in the Antivirus Software business. In fact, AVG stands for Antivirus Guard. Originally launched in 1992 in Czechoslovakia, the software has since become an international software powerhouse. AVG Antivirus 2014 Professional is the latest iteration of their award winning software.

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How Does AVG Antivirus Work?

AVG Antivirus 2014 is a slimmed down antivirus program for the user who is not looking for tons of advanced features. However the program does have exactly what you need in order to protect yourself from viruses. The antivirus software will scan your hard drive and look for known virus threats. Plus the database updates itself online so that your computer can stay protected from the new viruses that are created every day. The software will not demand significant system resources so you don’t worry about your computer slowing down. The software works great and has been around for a long time.

Additional Features of AVG Antivirus

In addition to the antivirus feature, the program also features link protection, the file shredder, the online shield, and the data safe. Link protection scans web, twitter and Facebook links for harmful data. File Shredder securely deletes files to prevent snooping. Online Shield protects you from harmful downloads. And Data Safe encrypts & password protects private files. These features are excellent additions and provide a tremendous amount of value.

Cost of AVG Antivirus

You can download AVG Antivirus for around $39.99. That makes AVG one of the most affordable anti virus packages available. And considering the extra features that are included, this is a very small price to pay. Consider how devastating a loss of all your data would be due to a virus. It is almost impossible to replace the pictures, videos, music and documents after your computer is infected with a virus. Protect your computer with the small investment of antivirus – it is worth it.

Help & Support

The AVG website features a tremendous amount of support. There are articles, FAQs, and links to articles that will help you get your problem solved. There is also a toll free number if you want to speak to somebody. Plus, you can chat with a representative online as an easy way to resolve your customer service needs. AVG really goes out of their way to give the customer a lot of information upfront and prompt customer service.

Final Review of AVG Antivirus 2014 Professional

AVG started in the antivirus software business in 1992. Since then they have rained supreme as a leading antivirus software package. AVG will scan your computer looking for Virus threats, plus the software package features other useful tools that will make your life more convenient. AVG Antivirus is priced very affordably, so you can enjoy the priceless protection at a cost that won’t thrash your wallet. The customer support from AVG is A+ service, and the software itself is very easy to use. Thank you for reading our AVG Antivirus 2014 Professional Reviews.

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7 Reviews

  1. I like that AVG doesn’t add a lag time to my computer. That makes things a lot easier when the system updates and you are trying to work. AVG is a fantastic product and I’d recommend it to anyone.

  2. An antivirus isn’t an area you want to skimp. I have basically used all of the free options available online and they are all junk that reflect their price tag. Honestly who wants to deal with a zillion popups or boxes asking you to rate a website every single time you login? Nope, I don’t have time for that which is why I went with AVG. I read high reviews of it on a messageboard and I can see why. It was nothing to install and I can see it isn’t dragging my computer or making it have a lag time that is equally bothersome to deal with.

  3. We two teenagers and a tween in our home and that means our kids are on the Internet a lot. I know it is how everyone’s kids are these days but I do worry about what they’re doing online and who has access to our computer. AVG does a fantastic job of protecting us. I do not see any reason we would switch to another program when AVG catches so many viruses every day. You can set up the daily scans (which are automatic) and see just how many viruses were removed or stopped from entering your computer. No matter what your industry is, you likely need your computer to work and a lot of us do work from home too. That means I need my computer available 24/7 and with AVG I don’t have to worry about our computers since that’s just another thing to fret about. With this many teens in the house I have enough to worry about, trust me and AVG makes life easier. Our computers all run smoothly and there are no complaints compared to our old antivirus which used to interrupt your work every time I ran. Get AVG and I promise you’ll have zero regrets. It cleans up your computer and makes sure it’s invincible to new viruses.

  4. Holy smokes I was so tired of my near monthly trip to Best Buy to have them remove a bunch of adware from my only computer. I am a student and things like that are not cheap but I do need my computer for practically everything I do for both school and work, so I didn’t have much of a choice. I put AVG on my computer after a classmate said it’s what saved her computer. That was enough of an endorsement for me and AVG has been working well for me ever since. So far it’s been a few months and I have not had to deal with the adware situation so I’m happy as a clam!

  5. I use AVG for my small business and I have not had any issues with it whatsoever. It is important to note that AVG is used by many professionals and large businesses and for a reason, it just works! I love that AVG is a great price yet it is super effective. We were having issues with our site going down which was an issue with our server. However when our computers were out that meant we couldn’t tend to these issues either, which just made for a big mess. I know we received many customer complaints which is why I wanted to improve our system to make sure it works flawlessly giving us the ability to take care of problems as they arise. AVG is doing that for us and I think it’s the best investment I’ve made in my business in awhile. I cannot afford for my customers information to be compromised and that is a serious threat these days. AVG offers that layer of protection so why wouldn’t I make it my priority to put something on my computer that performs anything else I’ve used. You need to protect your business and AVG does the trick.

  6. Im the computer guy in my group of friends. Whenever someone asks me what antivirus to buy I always say AVG. It?s user friendly and provides the best, most up to date information without making your computer or device slow. Just do it.

  7. I don?t even really understand what the internet security protection really does but my dad said I had to have it on my new laptop. It was so easy and it is still easy. I don?t have to do anything. All my friends got infected by some virus from another friend?s email (I think she was hacked) but my AVG program warned me and blocked the link. Thanks AVG and I think everyone should get it.

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