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PC Security and the Importance of Patch Updates

We’ve all seen those pesky alerts when using our computers; Windows needs to install another update. Then the video drivers and Windows Media Player need another update. Even the antivirus software needs a daily update! When can you possibly do anything when all you feel like you are doing is updating? Can’t you just click cancel and wait until next time? DO you really need to sit an wait for these updates and then wait while your computer restarts? Well the answer is yes. While this is often very frustrating, those updates are an important element of any software experience and help to protect your computer from various threats that arise almost daily.

Install Software Patches

Software patches, the technical name for those updates, serve a very important role and really are not intended to solely annoy the user. Their intended purpose is to quickly push out fixes to bugs that may be occurring and create a safe computer environment. Things change daily, even faster sometimes, so if there were not updates, your computer would only ever be as safe and protected as the day, which is, was made. When you browse the internet, your computer is at the mercy of its current protective measures. Viruses, malware and spyware are out there all the time, just trying to find a way “in” to infect your computer or steal your information. While the best antivirus software would prevent this from ever happening, in order to accomplish such a goal you need to perform recommended updates. Many antivirus programs now run constantly in the background of your computer because the threats are always trying to come through.

Update Microsoft Windows

The Microsoft Windows Automatic Update feature always sends you alerts of important updates when you’re in the middle of something critical; it’s simply Murphy’s law. These pop-ups ask you to allow the updates to be installed and many require a system reboot after the update is installed The temptation is easy enough to ignore the update or cancel the shutdown. Your computer still works, so why bother performing that irritating update, slowing down your productivity?

Updates Can Make Your Computer Faster

Simply put, software updates whether big or small are essential to the life of your computer. Much like with changing the oil in your car, brushing your teeth daily or going to a doctor for annual checkups, updates are a necessary evil. Consider the updates to be a preventative maintenance of sorts; protecting your computer from big problems down the road that could REALLY Slow you down and make you crazy! Computers require regular updates to “stay healthy” and ensure they continue to run efficiently.

Updating AntiVirus Software is Vital

Viruses are constantly evolving and changing in an effort to infect as many devices as possible. As a result, your operating system, antivirus and other applications should continuously evolve as well. To keep you protected. While it’s quite easy to ignore system updates for a while and fall behind the times, you are therefore becoming vulnerable to new threats.

Updates Fix Bugs in Software

Updates serve a number of different functions. They are often intended to fix security holes and optimize the resources of the operating system itself. Often they add newer and more secure features while removing old and unprotected features. It is important to update drivers to increase software efficiency. They provide security and efficiency to your system. Why not take advantage of new features when they’re made available after you’ve already paid for them?

Preventative Measures are Important

Patching is meant largely as a preventative measure. Remember it is “preventative medicine” rather than an antibiotic that cures an infection that is already there. As a normal consumer, you may not always be aware of current or future threats, just like you can’t diagnose and treat a health ailment that comes up. The developers of these computers and antivirus products create these updates to protect the user and ensure the safety of both the consumer (personal information and digital identity) and the computer.

PC Security and the Importance of Patch Updates

Software patches and updates serve a very obvious function, even in light of how frustrating they can be for the individual user. Seeing those alerts pop up may feel as annoying as having a fly buzzing around your head, they are a necessary evil to extend the life of your computer. No one likes going to the doctor for a check-up or physical, but, as with software updates, it needs to happen to prevent being infected with something dangerous that would be a much bigger problem down the road. Keeping your software updated to the most recent version could save your computer and your personal information with only a few minutes of interruption.