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Take Good Care

Regardless of the products one uses on their skin, the first step to aging gracefully is to take good care of your skin. While one’s genes do play a role in the aging process, studies have shown that genes only control 30% of how you age, while the other 70% comes from lifestyle choices. Following some easy steps like avoiding the sun, not smoking, drinking plenty of water, exercise regularly, consuming a healthy diet and getting enough sleep can do wonders for your skin.

Nurture Vs. Nature

As a person ages, not only do one’s internal organs and bones start to ware and tear but the external portion of the body ages as well, specifically the skin, where aging is the most noticeable. While moisturizers are good for taking care of your skin at the present moment, they are only a temporary fix. Ultimately if one wants to slow down the aging process, one needs to establish an effective strategy aside from face creams. In addition to anti-aging creams, the other two most important areas to tap into include: exercise and diet.

Exercise Regularly

Everyone knows that exercise is good for body. Most people do not know, however, that exercise can also improve one’s skin. Particularly, exercise can help slow down skin’s aging. That said, you do not want to over-exercise as too much exercise depletes the body from essential minerals and other nutrients that could actually cause aging. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise only in moderation. A brisk walk a day is a good way to get the blood pumping while helping your overall complexion at the same time.

Eat Healthy

Maintaining an overall healthy diet is beneficial for a number of reasons. Ultimately you are what you eat. Eating healthy not only can positively affect your internal organs but it also has a positive affect on your skin. To help stop wrinkles, one should decrease the consumption of fats and processed carbohydrates. In addition, increasing the amount of whole grains, fruits and vegetables all can dramatically increase skin appearance.

Stay Young

With every year that passes, one gets another year older. As the saying goes, another year older means another year wiser. It is time to use what you know from your past and put it into play in the present so that you can have a spectacular future. You know you should exercise. You know you should eat right. You know you should get enough sleep. Do not let another year go by before you start your new skin care routine!