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Natural Anti Aging Techniques

Stop Smoking Now, Not Tomorrow

Stopping smoking is by far the best thing you could ever do for your aging skin. When smoke pours over the skin, it causes biochemical alterations to those skin cells. In particular, it harms the elastin and collagen along the dermal layers. This hurts the skin tissue’s flexibility, which in turn leads to excessive and unnecessary wrinkling and sagging.

Another thing cigarette smoke does is constrict blood vessels. This prevents the proper amount of nutrients and oxygen from reaching your skin cells. This in turn drastically slows down the growth and production of new skin cells. Overall, smoking leaves your skin saggy and wrinkled, and that does not bode well if you want to age gracefully!

Eat Smart and Healthy

Eating smart and healthy plays a big role toward anti-aging. Why? Consider that your skin wears down over time due to destruction caused by free radicals. These are microscopic atoms and molecules that contain an unattached electron. They get produced through everyday body processes. Then they try to attach themselves to other atoms.

Food fits into this picture because certain foods contain antioxidants. These are molecules that in effect stabilize the aforementioned free radicals, thus taking away the radicals’ ability to harm you. It just so happens that foods like red beans, blueberries, russet potatoes, strawberries, pecans and walnuts are loaded with antioxidants.

Avoid Too Much Sun Exposure

The sun is important because it inspires our body to produce the much-needed neurotransmitter melatonin. However, over-exposure to the sun has a negative effect. It destroys collagen and elastin and thus leads to the exact same effects as smoking. To avoid over-exposure, make sure to take advantage of sun block lotions when you are outside.

Exercise Frequently

Aging usually comes with a serious loss in muscle mass and motor neurons. Muscle fibers wind up completely abandoned, with only themselves to rely upon to keep you moving. Known as assenile sarcopenia, this condition ultimately leads to wrinkles and sagging skin. The good news is that all that’s necessary to prevent this condition is frequent resistance training.

Curb Back On The Stress

Nonstop intense stress seriously shortens your cells’ lifespan. How? It damages the ends of your DNA chromosomes, thus making it much more difficult for your body to build new and vital cells. If this continues unabated for long enough, your body begins to lose cells, tissues, organs and more. The end result is death. Prevent this from happening by relaxing!

Treat Yourself Right

Avoiding the harmful effects of aging requires treating yourself correctly. Eat healthily, exercise regularly, avoid the sun, temper the stress and don’t smoke. If you commit to treating your body like a temple, it will remain a temple for the remainder of your life. Feel free to seek the assistance of personal trainers and stress relievers. Spend more time with your family. Practice time management. Do what you need to keep yourself mentally and physically happy, and it will show in the way you age. We hope you enjoy our article about natural anti aging techniques.