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Beat the Clock on Aging

Eat Lots of Greens, Reds, Yellows and Oranges

Vegetables and fruits contain a humongous quantity of much-needed nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Take watermelon, for instance. A single serving is brimming with potassium, fiber and amino acids, yet that single serving costs you only 30 calories.

Replace the Red Meat With White

Consider replacing just one red meat meal with some simple old poultry. Why? You wind up consuming less carbohydrates and fat, while reducing your risk of a stroke by 27%! You can get all that from just switching out one meal, though you should try to do it more frequently.

Add Whole-Grain Cereal to Your Diet

Choosing a cereal is not easy. There are countless brands from which to choose. However, your best bet is to go with whole-grain cereal, because just a single bowl a day of this magical stuff can reduce your heart-disease risk by 29%!

Take a Walk Around the Block

Simple 10-, 15- or 25-minute workout routines performed daily can maximize your life. All you really need is a 10-minute walk every day. However, it never hurts to also add some resistance training and/or bike riding to the routine now and again.

Say No to Smoking

Avoid smoking because it puts on age. If you like nicotine, just switch to electronic cigarettes. The FDA hasn’t officially tested them, but nearly every source confirms that they’re at the very least not as harmful as regular cigarettes.

Avoid Drinking Like a Fish

Moderate consumption of alcohol is actually good for the body. Just one glass of wine a day can ward off depression, keep your heart beating healthily and more. Just make sure that one glass doesn’t turn into two, three or more!

Go the Unrefined Route

Stay away from foods that contain refined carbohydrates. These are usually found in sweets, sodas, sugary cereals and any and all processed foods. Try to go all organic if you can, because the unrefined route is the best way to long-term health.

Fast Every Once in a Blue Moon

This may be hard to believe, but taking a day off from eating every once in a while can have the same effect as regularly reducing the quantity of food you eat. Just avoid going overboard with this. It needs to be practiced fairly infrequently and with care.

Practice Moderation

Practice moderation with everything you do. Eat in moderation, drink in moderation and even exercise in moderation. It is going overboard that leads to problems. If you can learn to simply control and regulate yourself, you’ll already be ahead of much of the population.

Stick To Your Plan

The best way to beat the clock is to adopt healthy habits like those mentioned above — eat lots of veggies/fruits, avoid refined carbs, eat more chicken, etc. — and remain committed to them. Start small and gradually improve. Feel free to have an off day now and again, like on Thanksgiving for instance, but stay dedicated to these relatively simple habits. That’s really all it takes. Thank you for reading our article on how to beat the clock on aging.