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Sony BDP S7200

Sony BDP S7200 Review

Sony is a company that needs no introduction to those that aren’t tech-heads. Founded in 1946, this company set the standard for Japanese technology companies in the minds of many people because their products have received consistent praise. The reason for this is because they always have a knack for being on the cutting-edge of all things tech-based. Based on the wealth of features this device offers, there are several reasons why they enjoy such lofty status.

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High Level Audio and Video Technology

The Sony BDP S7200 will deliver a stunning picture in 3D, but it does so much more than this. Its picture enhancement technology enables you to convert 2D films into 3D movies provided that you have the proper equipment. It also displays the maximum resolution of 1080p to ensure that the picture that you see is the best it can possibly be. The experience is rounded out with a top-notch audio feature that can run all variations of Dolby Digital sound flawlessly. The combination of visual and audio goodness provides a nearly unbeatable movie-watching experience.

Multi-Platform Connectivity

One of the coolest features that Sony BDP S7200 has to offer is its multi-room music capacity. The device as the ability to connect to multiple devices wirelessly throughout your home and play music through said devices at the same time. If you have music that is pumping through your living room, you can use this feature to make sure that same music is being played in the den or the basement. This unique little tool can come in quite handy if you are throwing a large party or a similar type of gathering.

Connect to Different Streaming Apps

Sony recognizes the fact that more and more people are consuming entertainment in various ways. They’ve reacted to this by allowing Sony BDP S7200 to be capable of connecting to several apps that stream content. Some of these apps are from expected sources like Pandora and Netflix, while other are a little more hyper-focused such as NPR. Ultimately, this feature gives you the opportunity to enjoy technology on your television the way you want it to be enjoyed. This freedom is something that seems more invaluable as time goes on.

Final Review of Sony BDP S7200

The Sony BDP S7200 proves that Sony still knows a thing or two about technology. The device maximizes the enjoyment that can be experienced with 3D Blu-Ray technology with excellent video quality and beautiful audio. It also allows you to enjoy technology on your own terms. Add in unique features like the multi-room music capability, and you have a device that would be a worthy centerpiece for any home entertainment system. Thank you for reading our Sony BDP S7200 review.

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4 Reviews

  1. I have worked at big box stores and this is one of the best 3d blu ray players. A lot of other models get returned because they do not connect to wifi fast enough but the Sony has no problems, whether you’re working with 2d or 3d.

  2. The Sony was the best price among the 3d blu ray players I researched. Yes, I am one of those dorks that does some serious homework before buying electronics or any gadget, really. I just like to know I am getting my money’s worth and I like to know if there are bugs in a system before the second or third generation is released. The Sony had awesome reviews and this is a 3D blu ray player that does everything it promises. It syncs well with your tablet to show apps you have on there, such as HBOGO. I am using it this way regularly with no issues.

  3. I’m a tech buff and did ample research before committing to the Sony. This is the best 3D blu ray player out there in terms of specs and price. There is no reason to buy anything else or spend more.

  4. This review is for the latest version of the Sony and I am so impressed with this 3D blu ray player. You really have to see the Sony in action in order to appreciate it. I love the picture quality and setup was very easy. The blu ray player also connected flawlessly with both my tablet and laptop. I have not tried it with my phone but I don’t see it being a problem. The apps available with the Sony make watching Netflix or Hulu Plus simple. I am thinking of buying this for my mother too. It is very easy to work.

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