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Samsung BD-F7500

Samsung BD-F7500 Review

It’s no secret that Samsung is one of the most recognizable names in the technology industry. And as the 21st century progresses, its presence seems to be growing even larger. The reason for this of course is due to the fact that they consistently produce gadgets and gizmos that turn heads in a most impressive fashion.†Equipped with a unique design and an impressive array of audio and visual capabilities, this product is set to help Samsung’s star rising even further.

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Audio and Visual Components for the 21st Century

The coolest features regarding the Samsung BD-F7500 are the stuff that goes beyond its ability to play Blu-Ray discs. Its inclusion of streaming content apps makes playing music and video from sources like Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Pandora a snap. This is a huge feature that points to the company’s awareness of how people consume their media these days. The device also can handle pretty much any sound delivery system that is out there from Dolby Digital to 7.1 channel surround sound.

A Stunning and Fully Realized 3-D Experience

Of course, being able to produce a stellar 3D image is important to this type of player. The Samsung BD-F7500 jumps to the head of its class because it provides a full 1080p resolution that is utterly gorgeous. It also includes a picture transformation function that creates the illusion of HD and 3D to standard definition movies. It will not necessarily give you the most pristine of qualities, but it does an excellent job considering this bit of tech sounds nearly impossible to the average device owner.

Not Your Father’s Home Entertainment System

The Samsung BD-F7500 gets high marks for its visual aesthetic because it does not look like a typical Blu-Ray player. It swaps out the usual cold and bulky look that is usually associated with the device with a compact model that is sleek and eye-pleasing. The smaller size is important to note since home entertainment systems themselves seem to take up less space than what they used to. As such, the design of the machine seems to fit more in line of what is happening around its presence. This is a good thing.

Final Review of Samsung BD-F7500

The Samsung BD-F7500 is a pretty remarkable 3D Blu-Ray device. It bridges the gap between old and new technologies by acknowledging the different ways people watch things and by providing plenty of visual reasons why watching 3D Blu-Ray discs are still a lot of fun. By doing so, Samsung clearly demonstrates that they have their pulse on modern technology. They also have their eye toward the technology of the future. Thank you for reading our Samsung BD-F7500 review.

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5 Reviews

  1. After looking around for a few weeks, I decided the Samsung sounded like the best deal for me for a 3D blu ray player. These babies are not cheap and I wanted one that could work with my smart TV and my slightly older TV as well. This was basically a trial run and if I decided I liked it enough, I could buy another. I certainly will be purchasing another Samsung. Right now I tested the Samsung in my bedroom, which is a very large master with surround sound and a smart TV. The picture quality you get with the Samsung is unreal. It is better than going to the movies and after you’ve used it for a couple of months, it probably comes out much cheaper too. It is a lightweight blu ray player and looks sleek, plus you don’t need to worry about it obstructing the look of your décor, which isn’t important to me, but my partner seems to care about this a lot. Go figure. The Samsung has a private setting which lets you cruise through your mobile device, be it phone or tablet, without the content showing up on the screen, then you can enable the blu ray player to show your movie or video.

  2. The Samsung works seamlessly with our smart TV. I know we are massive fans of watching movies at home because it ends up being a lot cheaper than dragging every kid to the cinema. This 3d blu ray player works like a charm.

  3. We cut the cord recently, so we no longer have cable. However between our Hulu and Netflix accounts, we get plenty of TV time in, which is why I wanted the 3D blu ray player. We also rent and buy a lot of movies. I like that Amazon and other apps also give you the ability to buy movies now. The Samsung is an excellent 3D blu ray player that has superb picture quality. If you are looking for a basic 3D blu ray player that also supports 2D video, this is what you need to buy. Another winner from this brand.

  4. The Samsung is an excellent 3d blur ray player considering the price. We have had a 3d tv for a few months and decided to see what this was all about. Watching movies made for 3d tv is a totally new experience.

  5. There is zero sluggishness and lag time with the Samsung. I am using it mainly to stream content from my phone. I no longer own a tablet and use my small laptop for all Internet cruising and perusing. The Samsung makes it so easy to watch movies from my phone on my TV. I do have a smart TV, but I have set up the Samsung with my regular HD TV and it worked just as well. Because most shows aren’t in 3D, you have to take into account that the picture quality for these shows is still excellent. Highly recommend.

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