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Pioneer BDP-140

Pioneer BDP-140 Review

For over 70 years, Pioneer has built a pretty sterling reputation for delivering high-quality electronic products. And for the most part, a healthy chunk of that reputation has been built upon the fact that the devices that they put out are straightforward and easy to use. The Pioneer Elite BDP-140 is no exception to this corporate philosophy. This 3D Blu-Ray player is designed to allow even the biggest of Luddites to enjoy its goodness and all that it has to offer.

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Setup and Enjoy in a Snap

The Pioneer Elite BDP-140 is pretty much ready to go straight from the box. You don’t have to worry about uploading any special software into the device or hooking any weird or intimidating hardware to its exterior in order to get it to hum. The only thing you need to do is to plug it into your 3D TV and a wall socket. Just like that, you’ll be ready to have images leap out at the screen toward your 3D glasses. The sheer simplicity of this device is a huge selling point, especially for those would have struggled to set their VCR clock back in the day.

A Great Picture Quality Brings Images to Life

The fun of the Pioneer BDP-140 doesn’t just stop at its ease of use. The device produces beautiful 3D images for you to delight in as you watch. Its penchant for producing great visuals is not just contained to the third dimension either. It is fully equipped with top flight high-definition capabilities capable of rendering images with a maximum 1080p resolution. This produces images that are crisp and clean every time, allowing the colors and details to pop off the screen as much as they can.

Connect to the Power of the Internet and More

The Pioneer BDP-140 comes loaded with a host of Internet apps that allow for high-quality streaming. Some of these apps include YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, and other various sites that allow you to enjoy movies, music, and TV shows. The device’s cool BD Live component also enables peer-to-peer connections while online. This particular feature can come in quite handy if you enjoy gaming in addition to the other traditional forms of media. These tools do a great job of tapping into the modern entertainment experience.

Final Review of Pioneer BDP-140

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to the Pioneer BDP-140. Even the most tech-challenged type will have no problem enjoying the device’s 3D technology and capabilities, as it’s ready to go right out of the box. Pioneer augments this ease of use by creating a device that produces brilliant imagery and deep online connectivity. All of these things lead to the kind of top-notch device that you would expect from Pioneer. Thank you for reading our Pioneer BDP-140 review.

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2 Reviews

  1. The Pioneer is well made. It’s functional in design too, which I love because I hate to have electronics that perform well but look hideous. This gives you the best of both worlds. You don’t need to spend more on other 3d blu ray players.

  2. We wanted to buy a new blu ray player because my oldest daughter recently moved across the country and conveniently took it with her. This left us without a blu ray player. Since we are not big moviegoers but we do like to watch movies, I figured we needed to buy another soon. I didn’t know much about 3D blu ray players before I owned the Pioneer, so I didn’t know what to expect but three months in we are in love with this device. I cannot believe the brilliant picture quality for movies when using it. The colors are saturated, the 3D quality is fantastic and the images light up the screen. This is especially true for films directed with the 3D aspect in mind. If you have never seen a 3D blu ray player in action, I highly suggest you hit up a local big box store to take inventory of what the picture is like in real life. The Pioneer is a great price and I already feel like we’ve gotten our money’s worth in this short duration of time. This is really a superb machine and will greatly enhance your at-home movie experience. It works with smart TVs too!

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