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Philips BDP5506

Phillips BDP5506 Reviews

Like most companies in the technology field, Phillips was around long before a lot of the technology they sell was even thought of. Unlike most of its contemporaries, it was founded in the 19th century, where it began in earnest as a lighting company. The company has come a long way since its humble roots. Based on the performance of its Phillips BDP5506, it looks like it’s going to be part of that market’s upper echelon for quite some time.

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Connecting with Computer Devices for a Full Tech Experience

One of the key features of the Phillips BDP5506 is that it plays so well with others. Specifically, the device’s MediaConnect technology provides it with the ability to directly and wirelessly link the device to a PC or Mac. This innovative feature allows you to enjoy all of the important visual and audio files that you have saved onto your rig right to your TV screen. From scores of stored music to countless virtual photo albums, the Phillips BDP5506 will make these available to you in a snap.

An Image As Sharp As It Can Be

The Phillips BDP5506 boasts excellent 3D playback ability with crisp, clear images. It also handles more traditional 2D images beautifully thanks to its capacity to render images at 1080×1920 pixels. In addition, the device features upscaling technology that can stretch standard definition images and video to 1080p resolution. It can do this trick because it also features progressive scan and noise reduction capabilities that aid in eliminating any pixilation and visual oddities that may crop up within such a process.

Tapping Into the 21st Century with Apps

Phillips has been around long enough to properly analyze future trends. Perhaps that’s why the Phillips BDP5506 was sure to include a library of online apps to allow you to stream Internet content. These apps are pretty standard and they will give you access to the essential Internet sites that you need for entertainment purposes. Still, it is great to see this company include this increasingly necessary feature onto their machines. It speaks highly of their willingness to move forward.

Final Review of Phillips BDP5506

It is clear that Phillips is not a company that is stuck in the 20th century not bad for a company founded in the 19th century. The Phillips BDP5506 is all the proof you need to know this to be true. It produces a great 3D image, can link to your computers wirelessly, and can give you access to a host of entertainment-centric apps. In other words, it possesses the kind of features that you need in order to create an excellent home entertainment system experience. Thank you for reading our Phillips BDP5506 reviews.

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3 Reviews

  1. The Philips is a 3d blu ray player everyone needs if they have a 2D or 3D TV. Obviously a 3D tv is going to give you the most bang, but it provides amazing picture for a 2D tv as well.

  2. I wanted a good 3D blu ray player that would perform well without costing a ton of money. At this point 3D blu ray players have been available for awhile, so I expected there to be more options at a lower price point but it was pretty much between the Philips and a couple of other models. I bought the Philips without doing much research and I am 100% happy with this blu ray player. It hooks up nicely to my tablet and iPhone and I never get a lag time which I know my parents experience with their 3d blu ray player.

  3. There is nothing bad to say about Philips. This is a 3d blu ray player that outperforms the competition. I haven’t compared to every other player out there but I believe it supports the most apps.

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