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LG BP540

LG BP540 Reviews

LG may sound like a relatively new company to those that are not particularly tech-savvy. The truth is that the company has been around since the 1950s albeit under other names, so it is certainly not a fly-by-night or a flash in the pan. Their long list of impressive products can attest to their overall technological acumen. Equipped with a massive amount of storage and a capacity to render intensely sharp images, the machine is worthy enough to play with the industry big boys.

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An Enormous Amount of Space for Modern Collectors

The one element of the LG BP540 that leaps out at you is the machine’s massive storage capacity. The device has the capacity to hold a whopping 250 GB of data within its system. This gives you the power to store a remarkably large number of movies, music, TV shows, and apps onto the system. This is an extremely noteworthy feature for the person that likes to purchase downloadable material as opposed to purchasing a physical copy and its potential clutter. As we progress into the 21st century, this feature feels especially important.

A Top Flight Visual and Audio Experience

All that storage space doesn’t matter if a device can’t deliver on providing stellar pictures and sounds. The good news here is that the LG BP540 delivers with a solid experience. The device produces high-quality 3D images that make movies pop, plus it is fully HD compatible as it features 1080p display resolution. The sound quality matches the pictures thanks to the fact that it will work with every Dolby Digital sound variation found on the market. These elements combine to produce a home theater encounter that will keep you riveted.

A Smart Connection to Other Web-Based Media

The LG BP540 features LG Smart TV technology; a tool that enables you to connect directly to various apps related to various Internet sites. This technology will grant you access to a host of popular online streaming services so you can enjoy music, movies, TV shows, and other like-minded entertainment. This is an important feature that speaks directly to the growing way that we consume our entertainment. It is also an essential tool that seems to fit hand in hand with the deviceís massive storage space.

Final Review of LG BP540

Just because LG is not a name that jumps out at you like its other competitors does not mean that it isn’t worth your while. On the contrary, the LG BP540 is a device that you should consider if you are in the market for a 3D Blu-Ray player. It features high-quality visual and audio experiences that will you’re your attention. It†also boasts a gigantic amount of storage space that entertainment junkies can spend a long time filling up. Essentially, this is a machine that is unmistakably built for modern times. Thank you for reading our LG BP540 reviews.

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3 Reviews

  1. Coming from regular TV (yes we did not even have HDTV), the LG BP540 3d bu ray player is a major upgrade and we love how easy it was to get going. This is the best electronic I’ve bought all year.

  2. The LG BP540 is a solid choice for a 3D blu ray player that isn’t super expensive. Even though 3D blu players aren’t anything new, there are still a lot of expensive models out there. If you aren’t careful you end up getting gouged. The LG BP540 has everything you need out of a 3D blu ray player, so there’s no reason to pay more. The design is sleek and simple and fits well in with any décor, but most importantly it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. This blu ray player runs smooth and it’s great with showing content from your phone or tablet.

  3. We have a 2D tv but hope to buy a 3D tv in the next year or so. That’s why I decided on the LG BP540 and boy am I glad I did. The picture is crisp and the movement is stellar. Love this blu ray player.

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