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Blu Ray Player Shopping Tips

Blu ray Shopping Guide: Tips and Facts

If you want to see the best picture on your high-definition TV, a Blu ray player is a must-have. Blu ray players project true 1080p pictures. These excellent video players offer plenty of other benefits. HD Blu ray players have the flexibility of being able to play older disks like DVDs and music CDs. Here are some things to know before you go out shopping for your very own player. The shopping guide will tell you what you need to know to make an informed purchase.

Understanding Blu Ray Basics

Blu ray discs use Blue Laser and innovations in the field of video compression. Because of these technologies, Blu ray units and discs can store and display high-definition video. How does the image quality from Blu ray discs compare to that of DVDs? High-definition means displaying 1080p resolution. The image you see from a Blu ray video source has six times more pixels and details than a DVD output.

An Amazing Sound Experience

Audiophiles will also get a kick out of the high quality audio from Blu ray discs. Blu ray players come with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 channel. The audio from Blu ray sources offer a bit-for-bit copy of the primary digital recording. Audio recorded this way are known as 7.1-channel lossloss tracks – no audio data goes missing in lossloss compression. This means the audio from Blu ray discs contain the best sound quality.

Additional Wonderful Benefits

Blu-ray players and discs provide an extra oomph to the viewing experience through additional features. Movie fans will love the picture-in-picture option found in Blu-ray discs. Watch a favorite flick in the main section of your TV while a smaller window displays the director’s commentaries. The menus on Blu-ray discs are significantly more interactive and flexible than DVD menus. BD-Live, a feature in later generation players, allows online access to media content from various companies.

Tips when Shopping Around

Aim to buy a Blu-ray player that will serve current needs as well as near-future ones. Since all Blu-ray players display high-definition pictures excellently, take it up a step and check out models that do a wonderful job up-scaling DVDs. Speaking of taking things further, the absence of a 3D TV in your home doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea to purchase a 3D Blu-ray player just yet. When the time comes and an impressive 3D TV sits in your living room, your Blu-ray player will be able to display full 1080p 3D magic.

Other Considerations

Look into players that are Internet-ready. Streaming movies, songs and games from a huge array of online sources is one of the most engaging things to mess around with in your home theater. With faster and faster Internet speeds each year, streaming content is becoming a standard pastime. Access the massive media library content of companies like Netflix, Pandora and more. Ask about Blu-ray models designed to connect to Wi-Fi networks for a cleaner installation.


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